C. trachomatis serovar D proteins that do not have a significant (e-value < 0.001) blast hit to the C. pneumoniae CWL029 proteome.

Gene Id   Definition
CT037hypothetical protein (basic)
CT081chlamydial T2 protein (basic)
CT115hypothetical protein (basic)
CT116hypothetical protein
CT117hypothetical protein
CT118hypothetical protein
CT119inclusion membrane protein A
CT120hypothetical protein
CT134hypothetical protein
CT156hypothetical protein (basic)
CT159hypothetical protein
CT160hypothetical protein
CT161hypothetical protein (basic)
CT162hypothetical protein
CT163hypothetical protein (basic)
CT164hypothetical protein
CT165hypothetical protein (basic)
CT166toxin B-related protein
CT167hypothetical protein
CT168hypothetical protein
CT169Trp operon repressor
CT170tryptophan synthase beta subunit
CT171tryptophan synthase alpha chain
CT172hypothetical protein
CT173hypothetical protein (basic)
CT174hypothetical protein (basic)
CT192hypothetical protein (acidic)
CT196hypothetical protein
CT214hypothetical protein (basic)
CT224hypothetical protein (acidic)
CT225hypothetical protein
CT227hypothetical protein
CT249hypothetical protein
CT300hypothetical protein (basic)
CT327phosphoribosylanthranilate isomerase
CT352hypothetical protein (basic)
CT357hypothetical protein (basic)
CT357Rhypothetical protein (basic)
CT358hypothetical protein (acidic)
CT359probable biotin synthase
CT631hypothetical protein
CT694hypothetical protein
CT793hypothetical protein (basic)
CT867conserved hypothetical protein (acidic) (possible thiol protease)
CT873hypothetical protein
CT875hypothetical protein
pCT02plasmid virulence factor pGP2-D
pCT03plasmid virulence factor PGP3-D.
pCT04plasmid virulence factor PGP4-D
pCT07plasmid virulence factor PGP7-D