N.gonorrhoeae proteins were BLASTed against the two available N.meningiditis sequences (NMA and NMB) and a collection of Ngon sequences with no significant similarities was obtained. The majority of these Ngon sequences had no match whatsoever to any GenBank entries and are denoted accordingly "hypothetical." However, a small number did have matches and these are tabulated below. The first column in the table records the database definition, or predicted function, of each gonorrheal protein. The second column provides GenBank accession numbers for one or two orthologous (but non-Neisserial) proteins; when more than two orthologs were known, the two with the strongest matches were recorded. The data in this table can change with growth of GenBank.

N. gonorrhoeae proteins with no similarity to N. menengiditis but with similarity to other GenBank proteins.
Gene ID
Database Definition
GenBank Ortholog Accession(s)
NG0128 Trp repressor bp WrbA AF067083, AE004529
NG0287  conserved hypothetical protein AAC22165, AAC76038.1
NG0355 possible transposase AAK01407, AAC82891
NG0356 conserved hypothetical AAA16626, CAA64185
NG0357 conserved hypothetical AAG55690, BAB34736
NG0363 restriction system protein 2 B55225
NG0364 restriction endonuclease NgoVII A55225
NG0405 DNA damage inducible protein BAB37943, AAC7666
NG0406 hsdS protein X13145, AAD07897.1
NG0462 phage integrase AAF94908, AAC75670
NG0464 conserved hypothetical AAF94355
NG0467 conserved hypothetical T13296, AAF63054
NG0473 conserved hypothetical AAB03337
NG0494 phage terminase small subunit related protein  
NG0495 conserved hypothetical AAF84483, AAC27048
NG0506 conserved hypothetical AAK24741
NG0508 conserved hypothetical AAK24739
NG0509 conserved hypothetical AAF84486, BAB36293
NG0510 conserved hypothetical AAK24738, AAF31093
NG0522 conserved hypothetical AAK16950, AAG55506
NG0535 conserved hypothetical protein D90795, AJ249181
NG0574 carbonic anhydrase AAC77891, AF040381
NG0694 conserved hypothetical NP_052685, P24328
NG0699 HsdS type I restriction AF288037, AJ248283
NG0728 conserved hypothetical AB008550, AF063097
NG0751 conserved hypothetical CAC03614, NP_061407
NG0837 possible ABC transporter ATP binding protein U32825
NG0838 possible ABC transporter ATP binding protein U32825
NG0867.1 hypothetical protein AJ242839
NG0907 trafficking protein B  P55511
NG0908 trafficking protein A P55510
NG1001 conserved hypothetical BAB04059
NG1007 conserved hypothetical F83569
NG1020 conserved hypothetical AE004256, AF043544
NG1090 conserved hypothetical NP_050552, BAA94160
NG1092 possible DNA methylase fragment AAL49564
NG1097 phage-related portal protein AF125520, AP000363
NG1098 phage-related terminase large subunit U32820, NP_112076
NG1111 conserved hypothetical NP_037739
NG1117 conserved hypothetical AE006424, AF323672
NG1128 conserved hypothetical U88974, AF004379
NG1184 NAD(P)H:FMN oxidoreductase AE002064, AE004699
NG1185 ArsR-family transcriptional regulator Z99121, AP001514
NG1197 phage related AF188935, L44593
NG1208 restriction endonuclease AAC37144, AAF12665
NG1400 nitrous-oxide reductase U47133, AJ002531
NG1401 regulatory protein NosR AJ010260, AF047429
NG1431 conserved hypothetical AAG07177, AE009668
NG1432 conserved hypothetical AAD35294
NG1433 ABC transporter Possible MSD protein  AAG06836, AAK89037
NG1445 conserved hypothetical AAG58749
NG1613 integrase/recombinase CAB96965, S03815
NG1618 conserved hypothetical T13296
NG1628 conserved hypothetical AAK25146
NG1634 conserved hypothetical AE006461
NG1636 replication protein DnaC AAC26072, AAA97260
NG1649 conserved hypothetical AE005988
NG1769 cytochrome c peroxidase AAC06485, AAB50671
NG1794 NgoPII restriction endonuclease X52661, AAC05694.1
NG1794.1 NgoII restriction endonuclease AAB03208, AAC05694
NG1992 restriction endonuclease type II NgoBI AAB70830
NG2072 probable lipooligosaccharide glycosyl transferase G AAG09768
NG2113 conserved hypothetical AAG03531, AAK47672
NG2157** glycosyl transferase AAA68011, AAC21924, AAB48385**

** No hits were found in either of the  Neisseria meningitidis MC58 and Neisseria meningitidis Z2491 genome annotation (accessions NC_003112 and NC_003116, respectively). However, there is a 1994 submission in genbank (accession AAB48385) for a sequence from Neisseria meningitidis that is defined as a glycosyl transferase.