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The 1.7 Mb genome of Haemophilus ducreyi was sequenced in 2000 by teams led by Dr. Gregory Mahairas and Dr. Leroy Hood at the Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle WA and the laboratory of Dr. Robert Munson at the Children's Research Institute and the Ohio State University College of Medicine and Public Health, Columbus OH working under the aegis of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) within the National Institutes of Health. The key publication describing this newly sequenced genome is in preparation, and a reference to that publication will be placed here when it becomes available. Until then, please acknowledge this work as follows: "Preliminary DNA sequence was obtained from the Haemophilus ducreyi sequencing project, a collaborative effort between the Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle WA, and the laboratory of Dr. Robert Munson at the Children's Research Institute and The Ohio State University. The Haemophilus ducreyi sequencing project was funded by NIH grant R01-AI45091". Approximately 60 additional and recent references pertaining to H. ducreyi have been extracted from a 1999-2002 molecular subset of PubMed. If we have overlooked any pertinent reference, please inform us (H. ducreyi references).

The core information in this database is the table of annotated records, one for each of the 1830 predicted open reading frames. Each gene record is identified by a gene id, HD0001-HD2037. Record designations have some discontinuities since the total number of records is fewer than the final record number. Basic summaries of specific information are available below in the Predefined Database Searches and contain links to the complete gene record. A table cross-referencing the gene ids used in this database and genes in the GenBank record will be provided when the GenBank record becomes available.

For a general perspective of the genome, we recommend you go to the Gene Image Map and browse blocks of coordinates. Caution: The entire 1.7 Mb genome can be viewed at one time, however this large file can cause some machines to freeze. Browsing and searching are also facilitated by the Functional Classes, EC Table, and Biochemical Pathways summaries. For precise inquiries on the other hand, start with the search capabilities and their associated tables. Fuller analyses of the proteome are underway, for example a table of proteins found in H. ducreyi and not in H. influenzae is presented in the Haemophilus proteome comparison section of the database. Finally, we would encourage anyone with questions or suggestions to contact us at std_db@lanl.gov.

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