Current STD Database Team

 Current STD Database Team
STD Sequence Databases Team:
Maria Y. Giovanni, Ph.D. - Project Officer DMID/NIAID/NIH
Tom Brettin & Gerry Myers - Project Managers
Robert Leach - Graduate Student, U. of New Mexico, Programmer
Nina Thayer - Annotator and Team Leader
Monica Misra - Annotator/Programmer
Jian Song - Bioinformatician/Programmer
Gary Xie - Bioinformatician
Chris Stubben - Graduate Student, New Mexico State U, Database Administrator
Smriti Bhotika - Student programmer
Jonathon Eng - Student annotator
Christopher Horne - Student annotator

Treponema -- Dr. George Weinstock, University of Texas at Houston
Herpesvirus -- Dr. Bernard Roizman, University of Chicago
Herpesvirus (KSHV) -- Dr. Patrick Moore, Columbia University
Herpesvirus (HCMV) -- Dr. Wade Bresnahan, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Herpesvirus (PRV) -- Dr. Lynn Enquist, Princeton University
Metabolic Pathways -- Dr. Roy Jensen, University of Flordia
Chlamydia -- Dr. Richard Stephens, University of California at Berkeley
Repeat Sequences -- Dr. Chris Wills, University of California at San Diego
Neisseria -- Dr. Dave Dyer, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

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