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The Neisseria gonorrhoeae strain 1090 genome was recently sequenced by the University of Oklahoma. The circular genome consists of 2.154 Mb. The project was a joint effort between Dr.Dave Dyer of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and Dr. Bruce Roe of the Advanced Center for Genome Technology, in the Department of Chemistry at Oklahoma University. The key publication describing this sequenced genome is in preparation, and a reference to that publication will be available here when it is published. Until then, please acknowledge this work as follows: "We acknowledge the Gonococcal Genome Sequencing Project supported by USPHS/NIH grant #AI38399, and B.A. Roe, L. Song, S. P. Lin, X. Yuan, S. Clifton, Tom Ducey, Lisa Lewis and D.W. Dyer at the University of Oklahoma. Approximately 100 recent additional references pertaining to N. gonorrhoeae research can be extracted from the Molecular Subset of MEDLINE (N. gonorrhoeae references).

The core information in this relational database is the table of annotated records for each gene. NG0001 through NG2182 identify the gene records of N.gonorrhoeae. To these records analyses and links are appended, and from these, tables and graphics are dynamically derived. For a general perspective of the genome, go to the Gene Image Map and browse blocks of coordinates. Caution: The entire 2,153,933 base pair genome can be viewed at one time, however this large file can cause some machines to freeze. Finally, browsing is facilitated by the Functional Classes, EC Table, and Biochemical Pathways summaries. For precise inquiries on the other hand, start with the Search capabilities and their associated tables.

The analysis of the Neisseria gonorrhoeae genome is work in progress (e.g. a Properties section will soon be added), and there may be differences between our presentation and that shown on the Oklahoma University Advanced Center for Genome Technology Web site ( An analysis of the proteome is underway, and a table of proteins found in N.gonorrhoeae strain 1090 and not in N.meningitidis strains MC58 and Z2491 is presented in the Neisseria proteome comparison section of the database. Finally, we would encourage anyone with questions or suggestions to contact us at

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