ABC Transport Analysis Section  

Orthologous groups were examined in similiarity searches to gain an understanding of gene organization potentials. These preliminaries made use of a larger data set than merely all available STD pathogens (eight complete genomes). Each genome was used as a query against every other genome. The set of genomes includes the genomes of the known bacterial STDs.


  Subfamily 1
   Simple sugar transporters

  Subfamily 2
   Peptides / Nickel transporters

  Subfamily 4
   Polar amino acids transporters

  Subfamily 2/4
   Unknown substrate transporters

  Subfamily 5
   Maltose/sn-Glycerol-3-phosphate transporters
   Spermidine / Putrescine transporters
   Thiamine transporters
   Betaine / Choline / Proline transporters
   Taurine/Nitrate transporters

  Subfamily 8
   Zinc/Manganese transporters
   Iron complex / Vitamin B12 transporters

  Subfamily 10
   Branched-chain amino acids transporters

  Subfamily 11
   Phosphate transporters
   Molybdate transporters


  Subfamily 6
   msbA transporters

  Subfamily 7
   Sodium transporters
   Teichoic acid transporters

  Subfamily 9
   Unknown substrate transporters

  Subfamily 12
   Subfamily 12 transporters


   Sulfate / Thiosulfate transporters
   Unknown substrate transporters

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