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Advanced SQL Search for Chlamydia pneumoniae

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If you are not familiar with Structured Query Language (SQL), and you would like to use this page, please follow the SQL tutorial link provided above and take some time to read about SQL. Use of this page requires knowledge of both the database and SQL. A list of tables and fields within each table can be found by following the "Table and Field List" link near the top of the page. Searches are case insensitive.

Example 1: List all the IDs for all of the trna sequences in the database
SELECT trna_id from trna_table

Example 2: List all fields for trnas in the first 250,000 bases of the genome
SELECT * from trna_table where trna_start>0 and trna_stop<250001

Example 3: Hypothetical query with 2D SDS-PAGE data
SELECT * from gene_table where mol_wt < 75000 and mol_wt > 65000 and pI < 9.5 and pI > 8.5

NOTE:If you are unable for some reason to execute a search, feel free to send us (by way of comments) a description of what is wanted and we'll provide the appropriate search command.

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