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Repeat Table for Chlamydia trachomatis serovarD

Repeat Name Repeat Type Copy # Location Length Gene & Intergenic Id(s) Definitions-Comments
1  tandem 2.90 51595,51907 108 CT046   histone homolog 2 
2  tandem 3.00 531361,531814 150 CT456   conserved hypothetical protein (acidic) (related to outer membrane proteins) 
3  tandem 2.00 611127,611164 19 CT544 , IGR447  hexose phosphate transport system regulatory protein (UHPC-related) 
5  tandem 8.30 650753,650852 12 CT578   Chlamydia-specific hypothetical protein (basic) 
6  tandem 2.10 863028,863070 20 CT743   Hc1 histone analog 

Copy #is the number of repeat units
Location is given in genome coordinates
Length is the size of the consensus repeat unit in nucleotides
Gene & Intergenic Id(s) are the ids of the gene and intergenic space records in which the repeat is located
Definitions-Comments are the definition lines from the genes and the comments from the intergenic space records in the previous columns

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