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Ureaplasma urealyticum

 IGS Flanking Sequence Viewer
This view is based on a particular Intergenic Space which is displayed with some associated information above the sequence. You may add on "Flanking sequence" either upstream (Start Flank Size) or downstream (Stop Flank Size). You may specify the number of sequence characters per line and choose whether or not you want coordinates displayed to the right, left, or both left and right of the sequence. The sequence displayed is the sense strand relative to the Intergenic Space the viewer is displaying. In reading the coordinates, note that there is no zero coordinate and that the genomic sequence is assumed to be circular.
Start Flank Size:
Stop Flank Size:
Characters per line:
Show Coordinates on: Left: Right:

IGS Start: 258432
IGS Stop: 258436

258432  ATTTT                                               258436

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