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MiniMap IGR5 IGR3 IGR514 IGR8 IGR4 IGR2 IGR1 IGR6 IGR7 IGR515 IGR9 rpL34,rpmH, - UU604 rnpA, - UU603 UU012 rpL31, - UU002 rpL7/L12, - UU011 rpiB, - UU006 UU008 rpL10, - UU010 UU007 hemK, - UU004 prfA, - UU003 dnaA, - UU001 mgtE, - UU009 rpL34,rpmH, - UU604 rnpA, - UU603 UU012 rpL31, - UU002 rpL7/L12, - UU011 rpiB, - UU006 UU008 rpL10, - UU010 UU007 hemK, - UU004 prfA, - UU003 dnaA, - UU001 mgtE, - UU009 Type: tandem, Name:  - 4 Type: tandem, Name:  - 3 Type: tandem, Name:  - 390 Type: tandem, Name:  - 1 Type: tandem, Name:  - 429 Type: tandem, Name:  - 6 Type: tandem, Name:  - 2 Type: tandem, Name:  - 5 rnpA, - UU603 UU012 rpL34,rpmH, - UU604 rpL31, - UU002 rpiB, - UU006 UU008 rpL10, - UU010 UU007 hemK, - UU004 prfA, - UU003 dnaA, - UU001 mgtE, - UU009 hemK, - UU005 hemK, - UU005 rpL7/L12, - UU011
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Gene ID: UU006

DNA Molecule Name:

Genbank ID:

Gene Name:

phosphoriboisomerase B; galactoside O-acetyltransferase

Gene Start:

Gene Stop:

Gene Length:

Molecular Weight*:


Net Charge*:

EC:  5.3.1.-  

Functional Class:
energy metabolism; pentose phosphate pathway  

Pathway: pathway table
Carbon fixation
Fructose and mannose metabolism
Galactose metabolism
Pentose and glucuronate interconversions
Pentose phosphate cycle
Tyrosine metabolism

Secondary Evidence:
Sorensen KI, Hove-Jensen B. 1996. Ribose catabolism of Escherichia coli: characterization of the rpiB gene encoding ribose phosphate isomerase B and of the rpiR gene, which is involved in regulation of rpiB expression. J Bacteriol 178(4):1003-11. Medline: 8576032.

Galactose-6-phosphate isomerase is involved in the tagatose 6-phosphate pathway of lactose catabolism in bacteria. It is a heteromultimeric protein consisting of the lacA and lacB subunits in Lactococcus and Staphlyococcus bacteria. Experimental evidence has indicated that expression of both LacA and LacB is required to obtain galactose-6-phosphate isomerase activity.

Ribose-5-P isomerase (rpi) is involved in the nonoxidative branch of the pentose phosphate pathway. Although E.coli contains both rpiA and rpiB, both enzymes are not necessary for catalyzing the isomerization step, indicating that one copy of rpi is sufficient. (Sorensen and Hove-Jensen. 1996.).

All other bacteria surveyed appear to have only one copy of ribose 5-phosphate isomerase.

Blast Summary:  PSI-Blast Search
Several hits in gapped BLAST to lacA-related proteins, e.g. residues 4-150 are 43% similar to the enzyme from M.tuberculosis. Residues 5-151 are 40% similar to MG396, a predicted lacA/rpiB galactoside acetyltransferase. Other similarities involve hypothetical proteins and predicted phosphoriboisomerase B proteins (rpiB), e.g. residues 2-153 are 36% similar to RPIB_ECOLI. No significant similarities to T.pallidum or C.trachomatis.

COGS Summary:  COGS Search
The phylogenetic pattern of COG0698 is e-gpc--u.
Cog name: Uncharacterized ACR - Galactose 6-phosphate isomerase subunit homolog.
Functional class: R.
BeTs to e-g-c--u.
Number of proteins in this genome belonging to this COG is 1

Blocks Summary:  Blocks Search
Residues 3-34, 58-91 and 92-133 match in the 99.98th percentile galactose-6-phoshpate isomerase blocks PD02510A, PD02510B and PD02501C respectively.

ProDom Summary:  Protein Domain Search
Residues 65-151 are 48% similar to a defined domain of Y396_MYCGE, a galactose-6-phosphate isomerase subunit sequence.
Residues 4-48 are 46% similar to a defined domain of O53192_MYCTU, a galactose-6-phosphate isomerase subunit sequence.

Paralogs:  Local Blast Search
No paralogs in U.u.

Pfam Summary:  Pfam Search
Residues 66 to 146 (E-value = 2e-32) place UU006 in the LacAB_rpiB family which is described as Ribose/Galactose Isomerase (PF02502)

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