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Ureaplasma urealyticum Search Results

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MiniMap IGR5 IGR3 IGR514 IGR511 IGR513 IGR512 IGR4 IGR2 IGR1 IGR6 IGR515 rpL34,rpmH, - UU604 rnpA, - UU603 ksgA, - UU601 UU600 UU602 rpL31, - UU002 rpiB, - UU006 UU008 UU007 hemK, - UU004 prfA, - UU003 dnaA, - UU001 mgtE, - UU009 rpL34,rpmH, - UU604 rnpA, - UU603 ksgA, - UU601 UU600 UU602 rpL31, - UU002 rpiB, - UU006 UU008 UU007 hemK, - UU004 prfA, - UU003 dnaA, - UU001 mgtE, - UU009 Type: tandem, Name:  - 4 Type: tandem, Name:  - 375 Type: tandem, Name:  - 390 Type: tandem, Name:  - 3 Type: tandem, Name:  - 373 Type: tandem, Name:  - 429 Type: tandem, Name:  - 1 Type: tandem, Name:  - 377 Type: tandem, Name:  - 374 Type: tandem, Name:  - 6 Type: tandem, Name:  - 2 Type: tandem, Name:  - 376 Type: tandem, Name:  - 5 rnpA, - UU603 ksgA, - UU601 UU600 UU602 rpL34,rpmH, - UU604 rpL31, - UU002 rpiB, - UU006 UU008 UU007 hemK, - UU004 prfA, - UU003 dnaA, - UU001 mgtE, - UU009 hemK, - UU005 hemK, - UU005
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Gene ID: UU002

DNA Molecule Name:

Genbank ID:

Gene Name:

50S ribosomal protein L31

Gene Start:

Gene Stop:

Gene Length:

Molecular Weight*:


Net Charge*:


Functional Class:
translation; ribosomal proteins  

Pathway: pathway table

Secondary Evidence:
Eistetter AJ, Butler PD, Traut RR, Fanning TG. 1999. Characterization of Escherichia coli 50S ribosomal protein L31.
FEMS Microbiol Lett 180(2):345-9. Medline: 10556732.

Lapidus A, Galleron N, Sorokin A, Ehrlich SD. 1997. Sequencing and functional annotation of the Bacillus subtilis genes in the 200 kb rrnB-dnaB region. Microbiology 143 (Pt 11): 3431-41. Medline: 9387221.

Herold M, Nierhaus KH. 1987. Incorporation of six additional proteins to complete the assembly map of the 50 S subunit from Escherichia coli ribosomes. J Biol Chem 262(18):8826-33. Medline: 3298242.

UU002 is predicted to be 92 amino acid residues.

Blast Summary:  PSI-Blast Search
Hits in gapped BLAST to many predicted 50S ribosomal proteins, including one from Mycoplasma genitalium (RL31_MYCGE; sp|P47499), where residues 4-69 of UU002 are 50% similar. M. pneumoniae (sp|P78020|RL31_MYCPN) and Helicobacter pylori (sp|P56053|RL31_HELPY) were the second and third best hits.

UU002 is orthologously related to MG257, a predicted 50S ribosomal protein from M. genitalium: residues 4-95 of UU002 are 45% similar to residues 5-97 of MG257. UU002 is also similar to predicted ribosomal proteins from M. pneumoniae (MP0476) and T. pallidum (TP0255). CT022 is a predicted L31 sequence that has no obvious similarity to UU002. There is no similarity to C. trachomatis or C. pneumoniae.

COGS Summary:  COGS Search
The phylogenetic pattern of COG is Ehgpc--u.
Cog name: 50S ribosomal protein L31.
Functional class: J.
BeTs to e-g-c--u.
Number of proteins in this genome belonging to this COG is 1

Blocks Summary:  Blocks Search
Residues 32-66 and 33-67 are similar to block BL0043, constituted of ribosomal L31 proteins, e.g.

ProDom Summary:  Protein Domain Search
Residues 4-63 are 49% similar to an L31 domain of RL31_MYCGE.

Paralogs:  Local Blast Search
No paralogs in U.u.

Pfam Summary:  Pfam Search
Residues 1 to 69 (E-value = 5.7e-19) place UU002 in the Ribosomal_L31 family which is described as Ribosomal protein L31 (PF01197)

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