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MiniMap IGR1412 IGR1414 IGR1418 IGR1413 IGR1417 IGR1410 IGR1411 IGR1415 IGR1416 IGR1409 NG1736 nuoN, - NG1737 nuoM, - NG1738 NG1731 NG1729 ruvA, - NG1730 NG1728 ispA, - NG1735 NG1733 bapA, - NG1732 NG1736 nuoN, - NG1737 nuoM, - NG1738 NG1731 NG1729 ruvA, - NG1730 NG1728 ispA, - NG1735 NG1733 bapA, - NG1732 NG1736 nuoN, - NG1737 nuoM, - NG1738 NG1739 NG1739 ruvA, - NG1730 NG1728 ispA, - NG1735 NG1733 bapA, - NG1732 xseB,ex7s, - NG1734 xseB,ex7s, - NG1734 NG1731 NG1729
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Gene ID: NG1734

DNA Molecule Name:

Genbank ID:

Gene Name:
xseB  ex7s  

exodeoxyribonuclease VII small subunit

Gene Start:

Gene Stop:

Gene Length:

Molecular Weight*:


Net Charge*:


Functional Class:
Replication; Degradation of DNA  

Pathway: pathway table

Secondary Evidence:
Vales,L.D., Rabin,B.A. and Chase,J.W.
Subunit structure of Escherichia coli exonuclease VII .
J. Biol. Chem. 257 (15): 8799-8805 (1982)
[Medline: 82239360].

From GenBANK (gi:14194729): Exonuclease VII bidirectionally degrades single-stranded DNA into large acid-insoluble oligonucleotides, which are then degraded further into small acid-soluble oligonucleotides. Its catalytic activity is exonucleolytic cleavage in either 5'-to 3'-or 3'-to 5'-direction to yield 5'-phosphomononucleotides. The complex is a heterooligomer composed of large and small subunits (by similarity).

See also the small subunit, NG1734.

Oklahoma ID: NGO.1734

Blast Summary:  PSI-Blast Search
Residues 1-74 are 95% similar to gb|AAF40716.1| (AE002383) exodeoxyribonuclease, small subunit of Neisseria meningitidis MC58.

One significant hit in gapped BLAST to organism other than Neisseria; e.g., residues 2-63 are 44% similar to dbj|BAB33899.1| (AP002551) exonuclease VII small subunit of Escherichia coli O157:H7.

COGS Summary:  COGS Search
BeTs to 3 clades of COG1722
COG name: Exonuclease VII small subunit
Functional Class:  L
The phylogenetic pattern of COG1722 is ------v-ebrh--------x
Number of proteins in this genome belonging to this COG is 1

Blocks Summary:  Blocks Search
***** IPB003761 (Exonuclease VII, small subunit) with a combined E-value of 2.9e-30.
    IPB003761    7-60

ProDom Summary:  Protein Domain Search
Residues 2-63 are 44% similar to a (EXODEOXYRIBONUCLEASE SMALL SUBUNIT EXONUCLEASE VII) protein domain (PD028235) which is seen in EX7S_ECOLI.

Paralogs:  Local Blast Search

NG1734 has no significant similarity (blastp p-value < 1e-3) to any other gene in this genome.

Pfam Summary:  Pfam Search
Residues 7 to 67 (E-value = 1.9e-26) place NG1734 in the Exonuc_VII_S family which is described as Exonuclease VII small subunit (PF02609)

Structural Feature(s):
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PDB Hit:
No hits to the PDB database.

Gene Protein Sequence:

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