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MiniMap IGR37 IGR38 IGR35 IGR36 IGR34 rpL33, - MG055.1 MG055 MG056 nusG, - MG054 ffh, - MG048 cdd, - MG052 deoD, - MG049 metK,metX, - MG047 deoA, - MG051 manB, - MG053 rpL33, - MG055.1 MG055 MG056 nusG, - MG054 ffh, - MG048 cdd, - MG052 deoD, - MG049 metK,metX, - MG047 deoA, - MG051 manB, - MG053 Type: inverted, Name:  - 65 MG055 MG056 nusG, - MG054 ffh, - MG048 MG055.2 MG057 MG057 rpL33, - MG055.1 MG055.2 cdd, - MG052 deoD, - MG049 metK,metX, - MG047 deoA, - MG051 manB, - MG053 deoC, - MG050 deoC, - MG050
* Calculated from Protein Sequence

Gene ID: MG052

DNA Molecule Name:

Genbank ID:

Gene Name:

cytidine deaminase

Gene Start:

Gene Stop:

Gene Length:

Molecular Weight*:


Net Charge*:


Functional Class:
Purines, pyrimidines, nucleosides, and nucleotides; Salvage of nucleosides and nucleotides  

Pathway: pathway table
Nucleotide Metabolism; Pyrimidine metabolism

Primary Evidence:
Tham TN, Ferris S, Kovacic R, Montagnier L, Blanchard A. 1993. Identification of Mycoplasma pirum genes involved in the salvage pathways for nucleosides. J Bacteriol 175(16):5281-5. Medline: 8349569.

Mitchell A, Finch LR. 1979. Enzymes of pyrimidine metabolism in
Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides. J Bacteriol 137(3):1073-80. Medline: 220209.

Hamet M, Bonissol C, Cartier P. 1979. Activities of enzymes of purine and pyrimidine metabolism in nine Mycoplasma species. Adv Exp Med Biol 122B:231-5. Medline: 232630.

Secondary Evidence:
Carlow DC, Carter CW Jr, Mejlhede N, Neuhard J, Wolfenden R. 1999. Cytidine deaminases from B. subtilis and E. coli: compensating effects of changing zinc coordination and quaternary structure. Biochemistry 38(38):12258-65. Medline: 10493793.

Mejlhede N, Atkins JF, Neuhard J. 1999. Ribosomal -1 frameshifting during decoding of Bacillus subtilis cdd occurs at the sequence
CGA AAG. J Bacteriol 181(9):2930-7. Medline: 10217788.

For statistical analysis of a deaminase domain, see Mian IS, Moser MJ, Holley WR, Chatterjee A. 1998. Statistical modelling and phylogenetic analysis of a deaminase domain. J Comput Biol 5(1):57-72. Medline: 9541871.

Blast Summary:  PSI-Blast Search
Hits in gapped BLAST to cytidine deaminase sequences, e.g. residues 1-128 are 67% similar to CDD_MYCPN (P75051) from Mycoplasma pneumoniae. Residues 10-129 are 38% similar to CDD_MYCPI (L13289) from Mycoplasma pirum. Residues 3-128 are 34% similar to a cytidine/deoxycytidine deaminase from Thermotoga maritima (AAD35928.1). Residues 13-128 are 36% similar to a cytidine deaminase from Deinococcus radiodurans (AAF11726.1). Residues 16-105 are 43% similar to a cytidine deaminase from Caenorhabditis elegans (U64861). MG052 shows no significant similarities to T. pallidum and C. trachomatis sequences.

COGS Summary:  COGS Search
The phylogenetic pattern of COG0295 is ehgp--y-.
COG name: Cytidine deaminase.
Functional Class: F
BeTs to e-g---y-.
Number of proteins in this genome belonging to this COG is 1.

Blocks Summary:  Blocks Search
Residues 18-25 are matched to block PR00406B, concerned with
cytochrome B5 reductase signature, e.g. NIA1_BRANA.
Residues 54-60, 78-95 are matched to blocks BL00903A,B,
(Cytidine and deoxycytidylate deaminases zinc-binding regions).

ProDom Summary:  Protein Domain Search
Residues 1-27, 28-74, 75-129 constitute defined domains
Residues 22-127 are 37% similar to a putative cytidine deaminase
domain of CDD_SCHPO.

Paralogs:  Local Blast Search
No evidence of paralogs in M. genitalium.

Pfam Summary:  Pfam Search
Residues 3 to 107 (E-value = 6e-28) place MG052 in the dCMP_cyt_deam family which is described as Cytidine and deoxycytidylate deaminase zinc-binding region (PF00383)

PDB Hit:
gi|1065119|pdb|1CTT| Cytidine deaminase (Cda) (E.C. complexed with 3,4-Dihydrozebularine (Dhz).

Gene Protein Sequence:

Gene Nucleotide Sequence:  Sequence Viewer

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