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MiniMap rRNA-5S-3 rRNA-23S-3 IGR440 IGR446 IGR443 IGR439 IGR445 IGR444 IGR447 IGR438 IGR442 IGR441 IGR437 HD0640 ftsN, - HD0639 mob, - HD0636 HD0637 arsC, - HD0631 aroD,aroQ, - HD0632 accB, - HD0634 por,dsbA, - HD0638 dapD, - HD0630 pqiA, - HD0629 accC, - HD0635 HD0640 ftsN, - HD0639 mob, - HD0636 HD0637 arsC, - HD0631 aroD,aroQ, - HD0632 accB, - HD0634 por,dsbA, - HD0638 dapD, - HD0630 pqiA, - HD0629 accC, - HD0635 ftsN, - HD0639 mob, - HD0636 HD0640 HD0637 arsC, - HD0631 aroD,aroQ, - HD0632 accB, - HD0634 por,dsbA, - HD0638 dapD, - HD0630 pqiA, - HD0629 accC, - HD0635
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Gene ID: HD0634

DNA Molecule Name:

Genbank ID:

Gene Name:

biotin carboxyl carrier protein

Gene Start:

Gene Stop:

Gene Length:

Molecular Weight*:


Net Charge*:


Functional Class:
Fatty acid and phospholipid metabolism  

Pathway: pathway table
Fatty acid biosynthesis (path 1)
Propanoate metabolism
Pyruvate metabolism

Primary Evidence:

Secondary Evidence:
Li,S.J. and Cronan,J.E. Jr.
The gene encoding the biotin carboxylase subunit of Escherichia
coli acetyl-CoA carboxylase
The Journal of biological chemistry. 267 (2), 855-863 (1992)
MEDLINE: 92112819

Li,S.J. and Cronan,J.E. Jr.
Growth rate regulation of Escherichia coli acetyl coenzyme A
carboxylase, which catalyzes the first committed step of lipid
Journal of bacteriology. 175 (2), 332-340 (1993)
MEDLINE: 93123150

Sutton,M.R., Fall,R.R., Nervi,A.M., Alberts,A.W., Vagelos,P.R. and
Amino acid sequence of Escherichia coli biotin carboxyl carrier
protein (9100)
The Journal of biological chemistry. 252 (11), 3934-3940 (1977)
MEDLINE: 77187896

Kondo,H., Shiratsuchi,K., Yoshimoto,T., Masuda,T., Kitazono,A.,
Tsuru,D., Anai,M., Sekiguchi,M. and Tanabe,T.
Acetyl-CoA carboxylase from Escherichia coli: gene organization and nucleotide sequence of the biotin carboxylase subunit
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United
States of America. 88 (21), 9730-9733 (1991)
MEDLINE: 92052166

Athappilly,F.K. and Hendrickson,W.A.
Structure of the biotinyl domain of acetyl-coenzyme A carboxylase
determined by MAD phasing
Structure (Camb) 3 (12), 1407-1419 (1995)
MEDLINE: 96363677

Yao,X., Wei,D., Soden,C. Jr., Summers,M.F. and Beckett,D.
Structure of the carboxy-terminal fragment of the apo-biotin
carboxyl carrier subunit of Escherichia coli acetyl-CoA carboxylase
Biochemistry. 36 (49), 15089-15100 (1997)
MEDLINE: 98060761

Roberts,E.L., Shu,N., Howard,M.J., Broadhurst,R.W.,
Chapman-Smith,A., Wallace,J.C., Morris,T., Cronan,J.E. Jr. and
Solution structures of apo and holo biotinyl domains from acetyl
coenzyme A carboxylase of Escherichia coli determined by
triple-resonance nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Biochemistry. 38 (16), 5045-5053 (1999)
MEDLINE: 99230195

For other biotin-related genes, see HD0082, HD0635, HD1007, HD1394, HD1480, HD1680, HD1681.

Blast Summary:  PSI-Blast Search
Numerous significant hits in gapped BLAST to biotin carboxyl carrier protein of acetyl-CoA carboxylase; e.g., residues 9-160 are 70% similar to BCCP_HAEIN [1168618], residues 9-160 are 62% similar to the sequence for acetyl-CoA carboxylase, biotin carboxyl carrier protein in Vibrio cholerae [9654707], and residues 9-160 are 60% similar to BCCP_ECOLI [114846].

COGS Summary:  COGS Search
BeTs to 14 clades of COG0511
COG name: Biotin carboxyl carrier protein of acetyl-CoA carboxylase
Functional Class:  I
The phylogenetic pattern of COG0511 is AmtKYQvceBRhuj---linx
Number of proteins in this genome belonging to this COG is 1

Blocks Summary:  Blocks Search
***** PR01071 (Acetyl-CoA biotin carboxyl carrier protein signature) with a combined E-value of 6e-31.
    PR01071A    81-94
    PR01071B    98-112
    PR01071C    113-126
***** IPB001882 (Biotin-requiring enzymes attachment site) with a combined E-value of 6.4e-10.
    IPB001882H    89-134
***** IPB003016 (2-oxo acid dehydrogenases acyltransferase component lipoyl binding site) with a combined E-value of 8.6e-07.
    IPB003016    100-134

ProDom Summary:  Protein Domain Search
Residues 79-152 are 87% similar to a (BIOTIN DIHYDROLIPOAMIDE LIPOYL CARBOXYLASE TRANSFERASE) protein domain (PD000268) which is seen in Q9CLV8_PASMU.

Paralogs:  Local Blast Search

HD0634 is paralogously related to HD0783 (1e-07) and HD1624 (0.001).

Pfam Summary:  Pfam Search
Residues 77 to 151 (E-value = 1.5e-33) place HD0634 in the Biotin_lipoyl family which is described as Biotin-requiring enzyme (PF00364)

PDB Hit:
pdb|3BDO|A Chain A, Solution Structure Of Apo-Biotinyl Domain F... 129 1e-031
pdb|1BDO| Structure Of The Biotinyl Domain Of Acetyl-Coenzym... 128 4e-031
pdb|1A6X| Structure Of The Apo-Biotin Carboxyl Carrier Prote... 127 5e-031

Gene Protein Sequence:

Gene Nucleotide Sequence:  Sequence Viewer

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