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MiniMap tRNA-Ala-1 tRNA-Ile-1 IGR148 IGR147 IGR146 IGR149 IGR150 IGR152 IGR151 nhaB?,dsbB?,roxB?, - CT176 CT179 tauB,nrtC, - CT180 CT181 dsbG?, - CT177 CT178 zwf, - CT185 CT175 pyrG, - CT183 nhaB?,dsbB?,roxB?, - CT176 CT179 tauB,nrtC, - CT180 CT181 dsbG?, - CT177 CT178 zwf, - CT185 CT175 pyrG, - CT183 nhaB?,dsbB?,roxB?, - CT176 CT179 tauB,nrtC, - CT180 CT181 dsbG?, - CT177 CT178 zwf, - CT185 CT175 pyrG, - CT183 yqgF, - CT184 kdsB, - CT182 yqgF, - CT184 kdsB, - CT182
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Gene ID: CT180

DNA Molecule Name:

Genomic Island ID:

Genbank ID:

Gene Name:
tauB  nrtC  

ABC transporter (exact function unknown)

Gene Start:

Gene Stop:

Gene Length:

Molecular Weight*:


Net Charge*:


Functional Class:
transport and binding; general  

Pathway: pathway table
Membrane Transport; ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transport system

Estimated fourteen proteins of C. trachomatis with ABC transporter
motif of which this is one. Similarities, however, are weak (appprox. 20%) outside the ATP binding domain. Possible Fe/nitrate transport protein.

For a recent review of ABC transporters, please see Nikaido and Hall. 1998. Overview of bacterial ABC transporters. Methods Enzymol 292:3-20. Medline: 9711542. See also, Linton and Higgins, 1998 (Medline: 9593292), Saier et al., 1998 (Medline: 9506471), and Fath and Kolter, 1993 (Medline: 8302219).

For a complete listing of Chlamydia ABC transporters, alignments of transporters, nucleotide binding domain organization,and plasma membrane organization, please go to:, choose Bacteria under the Analysis heading on the left-side navigation frame, then click on the ABC transporters analysis subsection.

Blast Summary:  PSI-Blast Search
Numerous significant similarities to recognized transport proteins: e.g. residues 7-205 are 38% similar to a transporter protein from B.subtilis (AF008220). Similarity to sulfate and thiosulfate transport proteins in Synechocystis (P74548).

CT180 is orthologously related to CPn0231: residues 1-213 are 50% similar to CPn0231. CT180 is 30% similar to TP0164 of T. pallidum, a putative ATP-binding (troB) protein. Several similarities are to spermidine/putrescine ABC transporters. CT180 is similar to MG467, a predicted heterocyst maturation protein in M. genitalium.

COGS Summary:  COGS Search
BeTs to 3 clades of COG1101
COG name: ATPase components of various transport systems
Functional Class:  E,P,G,R
The phylogenetic pattern of COG1101 is AmTKyQ-CEBRHUj----i--
Number of proteins in this genome belonging to this COG is 1

Blocks Summary:  Blocks Search
Residues 29-44 are matched to block PR00364A, concerned with disease resistance factor, e.g. in A54809.

Residues 27-52 are also matched to block PR00193B, concerned with myosin heavy chain sequences. A more promising hit is of residues 15-57, 118-138, 148-168 to blocks BL00617A,E, concerned with recF sequences, e.g. RECF_LACLC.

Residues 29-44 show borderline match to block PR00441A, concerned with G-protein sequences.

ProDom Summary:  Protein Domain Search
Residues 126 to 197 are similar to P29_MYCPN, which appears to be involved in DNA repair in Mycoplasm; other members of this small group are YE70_HAEIN and RA50_YEAST.

Paralogs:  Local Blast Search
One of 14 or more proteins in C. trachomatis with well-defined ATP binding domain (ABC

CT180 29262 28573 (ABC transporter (iron??) 455 e-130
CT653 578015 577299 ABC TRANSPORTER ATPase. 85 2e-18
CT130 1014409 1015107 ABC transporter ATPase 85 2e-18
CT068 950129 950944 ABC transporter ATPAse 79 1e-16
CT152 1733 2407 ABC TRANSPORTER ATPase 77 4e-16
CT202 53770 54510 (OPPF like ABC class ATPase) 70 5e-14
CT416 313421 314128 (ABC transporter ATPASE) 68 3e-13
CT264 123398 121461 (ABC transporter of the MsbA class) 62 2e-11
CT689 618689 617862 (ABC transporter ATPase) 57 4e-10
CT690 619647 618685 (ABC transporter ATPase ) 56 9e-10
CT201 52922 53752 (OPPD like ABC class ATPase) 53 7e-09
CT685 613730 614494 ABC transporter ATPASE) 43 1e-05
CT348 224293 225876 (ABC transporter ATPASE) 41 4e-05
CT333 202649 208006 ( EXCINUCLEASE ABC SUBUNIT A uvrA) 40 7e-05
CT128 1013561 1012827 ADENYLATE KINASE 36 0.001

Pfam Summary:  Pfam Search
Residues 27 to 205 (E-value = 2.6e-42) place CT180 in the ABC_tran family which is described as ABC transporter (PF00005)

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