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Ureaplasma urealyticum Search Results

  Gene ID Name(s)` Definition

transport and binding proteins: amino acids, peptides and amines
UU107     potA    spermidine/putrescine ABC transporter
UU108     potB    spermidine/putrescine ABC transporter
UU109     potC    spermidine/putrescine ABC transporter
UU110     potD    probable putrescine/spermidine-binding lipoprotein
UU223     xasA    amino acid antiporter protein
UU559     oppF    oligopeptide ABC transporter
UU560     oppD    oligopeptide ABC transporter
UU561     oppC    oligopeptide ABC transporter
UU562     oppB    oligopeptide ABC transporter

transport and binding proteins: ammonium
UU218     amt    ammonium transporter
UU219     amt    ammonium transporter

transport and binding proteins: anions
UU199     pstA    phosphate ABC transporter
UU200     pstB    phosphate ABC transporter

transport and binding proteins: carbohydrates, organic alcohols, and acids
UU013     rbsC-2    ribose/galactose ABC transporter, permease
UU014     rbsC-1    ribose/galactose ABC transporter, permease
UU015     mglA    rbsA    galactoside permease, ABC transporter
UU076     hprK    ptsK    probable HPRK (Ser) kinase
UU178     probable PTS glucose-specific permease
UU587     pthP    ptsH    phosphophocarrier protein HPR (histidine-containing protein)

transport and binding proteins: cations
UU009     mgtE    magnesium cation transport protein
UU203     copA    copper/potassium transporting ATPase A
UU264     pacL    cation-transporting P-ATPase
UU573     kch    potassium channel protein

transport and binding proteins: ferrichrome
UU022     fatC    ferrichrome ABC transporter
UU023     fatD    ferrichrome ABC transporter
UU025     fecC    ferrichrome ABC transporter
UU400     fatD    ferrichrome ABC transporter
UU435     fhuC    ferrichrome ABC transporter
UU516     fatC    ferrichrome ABC transporter

transport and binding proteins: general
UU059     msbA    ABC transporter of MSBA family (function unknown)
UU060     msbA    ABC transporter of MSBA family (function unknown)
UU093     bcrA    ABC transporter
UU118     ABC    ABC transporter
UU510     ABC    cbiO    msbA    ABC transporter
UU538     ABC    ABC transporter
UU539     ABC    ABC transporter

transport and binding proteins: iron
UU069     fecE    FECE-related iron transport protein
UU070     fecCD    hmuU    FECCD/HMUU-related iron transport permease
UU357     fecC    fecD    fhuG    iron transport system protein (possible FHUG-related or FECCD-related)
UU358     fatC    iron (III) ABC transporter
UU399     hmuU    iron (hemin) permease

transport and binding proteins: other
UU291     bsaA    glutathione peroxidase

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