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Treponema pallidum Search Results

  Gene ID Name(s)` Definition

Unknown: No subcategory
TP0009A     tprA    Treponema pallidum repeat protein A (authentic frameshift - uncorrected)
TP0020     76K protein (basic)
TP0124     possible GTP-binding protein
TP0316     Treponema pallidum repeat protein F (authentic frameshift - corrected)
TP0316A     tprF    Treponema pallidum repeat protein F (authentic frameshift - uncorrected)
TP0356     RNA-binding protein
TP0365     cheX    chemotaxis protein
TP0393     smf    smf protein
TP0446     gcpE    GCPE-related protein (protein E)
TP0453     Treponema-specific protein, uncharacterized
TP0571     lemA    Tp70    LemA protein
TP0592     Treponema-specific protein, uncharacterized
TP0593     conserved hypothetical protein
TP0621     tprJ    Treponema pallidum repeat protein J
TP0689     GTP-binding protein
TP0742     obg    GTP-binding protein
TP0824     dxs    1-deoxyxylulose 5-phosphate synthase
TP0948     jag    spoIIIJ-associated protein (Jag-like protein)
TP0957     Tp33    possible Tp33-related protein
TP0989     P26-related protein
TP1007     thy1    thymidylate synthase-complementing protein
TP0009     tprA    Treponema pallidum repeat protein A (Msp) (authentic frameshift - corrected)
TP0011     tprB    Treponema pallidum repeat protein B (Msp)
TP0117     tprC    Treponema pallidum repeat protein C (Msp)
TP0131     tprD    Treponema pallidum repeat protein D (Msp)
TP0313     tprE    Treponema pallidum repeat protein E (Msp)
TP0317     tprG    Treponema pallidum repeat protein G (Msp)
TP0610     tprH    Treponema pallidum repeat protein H (Msp)
TP0620     tprI    Treponema pallidum repeat protein I (Msp)
TP0897     tprK    Treponema pallidum repeat protein K (Msp)
TP1031     tprL    Treponema pallidum repeat protein L (Msp)

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