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Treponema pallidum Search Results

  Gene ID Name(s)` Definition

Replication: Degradation of DNA
TP0125     exoA    exodeoxyribonuclease
TP0627     sbcC    exonuclease SbcC
TP0704     recJ    single-stranded-DNA-specific exonuclease
TP0775     nth    endonuclease III

Replication: DNA replication, restriction, modification, recombination, and repair
TP0001     dnaA    chromosomal replication initiator protein
TP0002     dnaN    DNA polymerase III, subunit beta
TP0003     recF    RecF protein
TP0005     gyrA    DNA gyrase subunit A (topoisomerase II)
TP0044     gidA    possible glucose inhibited division A protein
TP0058     dnaB    dnaC    replicative DNA helicase
TP0062     ssb    single-strand DNA binding protein
TP0065     possible N6-adenine specific methylase
TP0102     rep    DNA helicase II
TP0103     recQ    ATP-dependent DNA helicase
TP0105     polA    DNA polymerase I
TP0116     uvrB    excinuclease ABC, subunit B
TP0141     dat    methylated-DNA-protein-cysteine S-methyltransferase
TP0162     ruvB    Holliday junction DNA helicase, subunit B
TP0229     DNA polymerase, bacteriophage-type
TP0230     priA    primosomal protein N
TP0251     dbh    DNA-binding protein II (HB) (HU)
TP0271     parB    chromosome partitioning protein
TP0272     parA    chromosome partitioning protein
TP0303     mutL    DNA mismatch repair protein
TP0328     mutS    DNA mismatch repair protein
TP0343     mutY    A/G-specific adenine glycosylase
TP0344     trcF    transcription-repair coupling factor
TP0380     probable DNA repair helicase
TP0391     codV    xerD    integrase/recombinase
TP0394     topA    DNA topoisomerase I
TP0395     xerD    xprB    integrase/recombinase
TP0442     recN    DNA repair protein
TP0472     uvrC    excinuclease ABC subunit C
TP0492     dnaG    DNA primase
TP0514     uvrA    excinuclease ABC, subunit A
TP0517     ruvC    Holliday junction nuclease, subunit C
TP0521     possible DNA polymerase III gamma and tau subunits
TP0526     hrpA    ATP-dependent helicase
TP0543     ruvA    Holliday junction DNA helicase, subunit A
TP0634     lig    DNA ligase
TP0643     dnaQ    DNA polymerase III, subunit epsilon
TP0669     dnaE    DNA polymerase III, subunit alpha
TP0687     recG    DNA recombinase
TP0692     recA    recA protein
TP0770     deaD    ATP-dependent RNA helicase DEAD-family
TP0810     dam    DNA adenine methyltransferase
TP0898     possible ATP-dependent nuclease
TP0946     gidB    glucose-inhibited division protein B
TP1004     recR    recombination protein RecR
TP1005     dnaX    DNA polymerase III subunits gamma and tau
TP1006     gyrB    DNA gyrase subunit B (DNA topoisomerase II)
TP1022     radA    sms    DNA repair protein RadA (DNA repair protein Sms)
TP1023     recX    probable RecX protein
TP1028     pcrA    uvrD    DNA helicase II

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