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Treponema pallidum Search Results

  Gene ID Name(s)` Definition

Cellular processes: Cell division
TP0330     ftsH    probable cell division protein
TP0339     possible ftsH suppressor protein SfhB
TP0367     chromosome segregation SMC protein homolog
TP0387     ftsW    cell division protein
TP0388     ftsQ    cell division protein
TP0389     ftsA    cell division protein
TP0390     ftsZ    cell division protein
TP0578     ftsY    cell division protein
TP0682     ftsJ    cell division protein FtsJ
TP0765     ftsH    cell division protein FtsH
TP0999     cell division protein (FtsK-related protein)

Cellular processes: Cell killing
TP0027     possible hemolysin
TP0028     possible hemolysin
TP0649     tlyC    hemolysin
TP0936     hlyC    probable hemolysin C
TP1037     hlyIII    hemolysin III

Cellular processes: Chaperones
TP0030     groEL    heat shock protein
TP0098     dnaJ    heat-shock protein DnaJ
TP0215     grpE    grpE protein
TP0216     dnaK    heat shock protein 70
TP0217     heat shock protein (authentic frameshift - corrected)
TP0217A     dnaJ    heat shock protein (authentic frameshift - uncorrected)
TP0984     htpG    heat shock protein 90 (High temperature protein G)
TP1013     groES    chaperonin (heat shock protein GroES)

Cellular processes: Detoxification
TP0509     ahpC    alkyl hydroperoxide reductase, subunit C
TP0550     thdF    thiophene and furan oxidation protein

Cellular processes: General
TP0040     mcp-1    methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein
TP0363     cheA    chemotaxis histidine kinase
TP0364     cheR    cheW    purine-binding chemotaxis protein/ chemotaxis protein methyltransferase
TP0366     cheY    chemotaxis response regulator
TP0439     cheW    purine-binding chemotaxis protein
TP0488     mcp-2    methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein/ protease
TP0541     era    GTP-binding protein
TP0630     cheR    chemotaxis protein methyltransferase
TP0631     cheB    protein-glutamate methylesterase
TP0639     mcp-3    methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein
TP0640     mcp-4    methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein (chemoreceptor)

Cellular processes: Protein and peptide secretion
TP0185     sip    signal peptidase I
TP0208     secY    preprotein translocase subunit
TP0235     secE    hypothetical protein/ possible preprotein translocase subunit
TP0379     secA    preprotein translocase subunit
TP0410     secD    protein-export membrane protein
TP0411     secF    protein-export membrane protein
TP0416     ffh    signal recognition particle protein
TP0506     tig    trigger factor
TP0926     lep    possible signal peptidase I
TP0978     lsp    signal peptidase II (lipoprotein signal peptidase)

Cellular processes: Transformation
TP0336     comE    probable comE protein

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