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Neisseria gonorrhoeae Search Results

  Gene ID Name(s)` Definition

Regulatory functions: No subcategory
NG0025     possible AraC family transcription regulator
NG0058     MarR family transcriptional regulator
NG0128     wrbA    Trp repressor binding protein, WrbA
NG0152     fis    factor for inversion stimulation protein, Fis
NG0260     era    Era related GTP-binding protein (GTPase)
NG0267     folI    FolC transcriptional regulator
NG0393     TetR family transcriptional regulator
NG0439     lolB    possible outer membrane lipoprotein LolB
NG0602     merR    transcriptional regulator MerR
NG0671     suhB    extragenic suppressor protein (inositol monophosphatase)
NG0692     LysR family transcriptional regulator
NG0718     hexR    RpiR/HexR family transcriptional regulator
NG0797     transcriptional regulator
NG0990     araC    AraC-family transcriptional regulator
NG1053     oraA    recX    RecX-family transcriptional regulator
NG1064     cstA    carbon starvation protein (CstA)
NG1116     prtR    transcription regulatory protein (negative regulator of pyocin genes)
NG1185     asrR    ArsR-family transcriptional regulator
NG1219     deoR    glpR    DeoR-family transcriptional regulator; glycerol-3-phosphate regulon repressor
NG1221     gntR    mdcY    GntR-family transcriptional regulator
NG1244     MarR-family transcriptional regulator
NG1294     lrp    leucine-responsive regulatory protein (Lrp family) (AsnC family)
NG1308     spoT    guanosine-3',5'-bis(diphosphate)3'-pyrophosphohydrolase
NG1360     GntR-family transcriptional regulator
NG1366     acrR    mtrR    mtrCDE transcriptional regulator, repressor
NG1382     relA    GTP pyrophosphokinase
NG1401     nosR    regulatory protein NosR
NG1402     nosR    regulatory protein NosR
NG1407     asnC    AsnC-family transcriptional regulator
NG1427     transcriptional regulator, repressor
NG1474     crgA    LysR-family transcriptional regulator
NG1554     putA    proline dehydrogenase
NG1562     arsR    ArsR-family transcriptional regulator
NG1578     cysB    cysteine transcriptional regulatory protein, activator (CysB)
NG1579     transcriptional regulator, Anr/Fnr family
NG1599     ampG    yajG    AmpG-related protein
NG1630     lambda repressor-like protein cI
NG1652     probable antirepressor protein - phage associated
NG1706     lysR    LysR-family transcriptional regulator
NG1779     fur    ferric uptake regulation protein
NG1924     arsC    arsenate reductase (ArsC)
NG2010     tldD    TldD protein
NG2027     metR    methionine biosynthesis transcriptional regulator (MetR)
NG2076     gntK    gntV    thermoresistant gluconokinase
NG2130     regF    sspA    regulator of pilE expression; stringent starvation protein A
NG2131     regG    sspB    regulator of pilE expression (RegG); stringent starvation protein B
NG2161     possible extragenic suppressor

Regulatory functions: Other
NG1813     oxyR    LysR-family transcriptional regulator

Regulatory functions: Two component system
NG0111     basR    DNA-binding component of two-component regulatory system
NG0112     basS    sensor component of two-component regulatory system, BasS
NG0176     resE    sensor histidine kinase of two-component system
NG0177     cpxR    ompR    two-component system transcriptional response regulator OmpR
NG0314     hprK    HPr kinase/phosphatase (two component system)
NG0752     luxR    narL    extracellular proteinase response regulator of degradation enzymes, DegU (nitrite/nitrate two-component response transcriptional regulator, NarL of the LuxR family)
NG0753     narX    nitrate/nitrite two-component system sensor protein NarX
NG0985     icsA    virG    two component response regulator; virulence-associated outer membrane protein
NG1250     mtrA    MtrA-related transcriptional regulator
NG1260     rsp    Rsp transcription regulator; two component response regulator (PilS/PilR)
NG1866     hydG    ntrX    probable nitrogen assimilation regulatory protein
NG1867     atoS    hydH    probable two-component system sensor kinase
NG2102     luxS    LUXS protein -- autoinducer AI2 synthesis

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