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Neisseria gonorrhoeae Search Results

  Gene ID Name(s)` Definition

Other categories: Adaptations and atypical conditions
NG0399     htpX    heat shock protein (probable membrane-bound zinc metallopeptidase)
NG0410     cspA    cold shock protein A
NG1046     clpB    endopeptidase Clp ATP-binding chain B (heat shock protein F84.1)
NG1057     surE    survival protein (acid phosphatase)
NG1382     relA    GTP pyrophosphokinase
NG1526     prpB    carboxyphosphonoenolpyruvate phosphonomutase PrpB
NG1657     bolA    BolA/YrbA family protein
NG1715     ostA    organic solvent tolerance protein (OstA)
NG2130     regF    sspA    regulator of pilE expression; stringent starvation protein A
NG2131     regG    sspB    regulator of pilE expression (RegG); stringent starvation protein B

Other categories: Colicin-related functions
NG0123     cvaA    colicin V related secretion protein

Other categories: Drug and analog sensitivity
NG0237     ampD    anhydro-N-acetylmuramyl-tripeptide amidase (signalling protein)
NG0272     ksgA    dimethyladenosine transferase (S-adenosylmethionine-6-N',N'-adenosyl (rRNA) dimethyltransferase) (kasugamycin dimethyltransferase) (high level kasgamycin resistance protein)
NG1032     drug resistance translocase family protein
NG1363     mtrE    multidrug efflux pump channel protein (MtrE)
NG1364     mexB    mtrD    antibiotic resistance efflux pump component (MexB)
NG1365     acr    mtrC    antibiotic resistance efflux pump component (AcrA, AcrE)
NG1368     mtrF    antibiotic resistance efflux pump component (MtrF)
NG1473     mdaB    drug activity modulator B
NG1511     bcr    bicyclomycin resistance protein homolog Bcr
NG1599     ampG    yajG    AmpG-related protein

Other categories: Other
NG0072     lytB    penicillin tolerance protein; isoprenoid biosynthesis
NG0425     rdgC    RdgC homolog (phosphatase)
NG0534     probable alginate O-acetylation protein AlgI (probable polysaccharide modification protein)
NG0624     acdV    acyl-CoA dehydrogenase
NG0636     iscS    nifS    cysteine desulferase (aminotranferase NifS) (THII transerpersulfidase)
NG0746     camT    caffeoyl-CoA O-methyltransferase
NG0777     dbhB    DNA-binding protein HU-beta (DbhB)
NG0853     crcB    crcB protein (camphor resistance and chromosome condensation protein)
NG0971     ispF    2-C-methyl-D-erythritol 2,4-cyclodiphosphate synthase (MECPS)
NG0972     ispD    4-diphosphocytidyl-2C-methyl-D-erthyritol synthase (MEP cytidyltransferase) (MCT)
NG1048     dmpI    probable 4-oxalocrotonate tautomerase (dmpI)
NG1161     tehB    tellurite resistance protein (tehB)
NG1236     ilvI    acetolactate synthase isozyme III large subunit
NG1274     microcin immunity protein, MccF homolog
NG1452     aspC    aspartate aminotransferase
NG1521     ackA    acetate kinase (AckA)
NG1648     invertase related gene 7 (Irg7)
NG2059     msrA    pilB    peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase (PilB)

Other categories: Phage-related functions and prophages
NG0326     hfq    host factor-I protein
NG0369     pspE    phage shock protein E precursor
NG0462     phage integrase
NG0479     phage-related repressor protein (regulatory protein cI)
NG0494     phage terminase small subunit related protein
NG0726     probable tail fibre protein
NG0727     probable bacteriophage baseplate assembly protein J
NG0733     int gene product
NG1013     probable transcriptional regulator (possible phage repressor)
NG1085     ranT    probable antirepressor/phage-related protein
NG1097     probable phage-related portal protein
NG1098     probable phage-related terminase, large subunit
NG1102     phage-related protein, possible endonuclease
NG1110     dnaB    replicative DNA helicase, phage origin
NG1146     phage replication protein
NG1171     phage replication protein
NG1271     probable phage protein
NG1630     lambda repressor-like protein cI
NG1636     dnaC    DNA replication protein DnaC, phage
NG1652     probable antirepressor protein - phage associated

Other categories: Plasmid-related functions
NG0516     pemK    plasmid stable inheritance protein PemK
NG0517     chpR    mazE    pemI    probable pemI protein (probable cell growth regulatory protein mazE) (probable suppressor of ChpA inhibitory function)
NG0907     fitB    trafficking protein B
NG0908     fitA    trafficking protein A

Other categories: Transposase
NG0041     tpn    transposase fragment, undefined
NG0072.1     tpn    possible transposase
NG0146.1     tpn    IS1016-related transposase
NG0146.2     tpn    transposase
NG0159     tpn    transposase/transposase fragment
NG0186.1     transposase fragment of IS1016
NG0201     tpn    IS1016 transposase
NG0253     tpn    transposase fragment, undefined
NG0355     tpn    possible transposase
NG0528     tpn    IS1016 transposase
NG0559     tpn    IS1016 transposase
NG0591     IS1016 Transposase
NG0628     tpn    IS1016 transposase
NG0673     tpn    IS1016 transposase
NG0705     IS1016 fragment (corresponds to N-terminal residues)
NG0730     tpn    IS1016 transposase
NG0749     putative IS1016 transposase
NG0750     putative IS1016 transposase
NG0881     orfB    probable OrfB transposase
NG0884     probable transposase fragment - Neisseria specific
NG0909     tpn    IS150 transposase orfB protein
NG1006     Neisseria-specific protein, possible transposase
NG1006     Neisseria-specific protein, possible transposase
NG1035     transposase
NG1066     tpn    transposase
NG1157     tpn    IS1016 transposase
NG1181     IS1016 transposase
NG1202     transposase
NG1211     tpn    IS1016 transposase
NG1256     tpn    IS1016 transposase
NG1302     tpn    IS1016 transposase
NG1317     tpn    IS1016 transposase
NG1326     transposase fragment, undefined
NG1394     tpn    IS1016 transposase
NG1412     tpn    IS1016 transposase
NG1453     transposase fragment, undefined
NG1568.1     transposase
NG1754     mafI    IS1016 fragment (C-terminus of IS1016 transposases); MfaI plasmid maintenance protein?
NG1880.1     IS1016 related transposase fragment
NG1901.1     transposase related
NG1964     IS1016 fragment (corresponds to N-terminus)
NG2087     tpn    IS1016 transposase

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