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Neisseria gonorrhoeae Search Results

  Gene ID Name(s)` Definition

Central intermediary metabolism: Amino sugars
NG0135     hex2    beta-N-acetyl-D-glucosaminidase
NG1341     mrsA    phosphoglucomutase/phosphomannomutase family
NG1782     lpxB    lipid-A-disaccharide synthase
NG2045     glmS    glucosamine--fructose-6-phosphate aminotransferase (GlmS)

Central intermediary metabolism: Glycerol utilization
NG0902     cls    kch    cardiolipin synthetase family protein
NG1219     deoR    glpR    DeoR-family transcriptional regulator; glycerol-3-phosphate regulon repressor
NG2021     gpdA    gpsA    glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase; sn-glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase

Central intermediary metabolism: Glycine cleavage system
NG0562     dldH    lpdA    dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase (pyruvate dehydrogenase, E3 component, lipoamide dehydrogenase) (glycine cleavage system L protein)
NG1325     gcvHP    gcvP    glycine dehydrogenase
NG1404     gcsH    gcvH    glycine cleavage system H protein
NG1406     gcsT    gcvT    aminomethyltransferase (glycine cleavage system T protein)

Central intermediary metabolism: Nitrogen metabolism
NG0151     nifR3    nitrogen regulation protein nifR3
NG0540     glxK    possible glycerate kinase
NG0556     aspA    aspartate ammonia-lyase
NG0633     nifU    Fe-S scaffold protein
NG1182     glnB    nitrogen regulatory protein P-II (GlnB)
NG1275     norB    nitric oxide reductase cytochrome b subunit
NG1276     pan-1    copper-containing dissimilatory nitrite reductase
NG1399     nosF    ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein (NosF)
NG1399.1     nosD    NosD protein, probable periplasmic copper-binding protein
NG1399.2     nosD    NosD protein, probable periplasmic copper-binding protein
NG1400     nosZ    nitrous-oxide reductase
NG1486     speB    agmatine ureohydrolase; secreted cysteine protease
NG1487     speA    arginine decarboxylase
NG1514     nit1    nitrilase 1 homolog
NG1866     hydG    ntrX    probable nitrogen assimilation regulatory protein

Central intermediary metabolism: Other
NG0062     fthS    formate--tetrahydrofolate ligase (FthS)
NG0106     metK    S-adenosyl methionine synthetase
NG0574     cah    cyn    carbonic anhydrase (carbonate dehydratase)
NG0671     suhB    extragenic suppressor protein (inositol monophosphatase)
NG0713     alkH    eda    KHG-KDPG bifunctional aldolase [includes: 4-hydroxy-2-oxoglutarate aldolase (KHG-aldolase); 2-dehydro-3-deoxyphosphogluconate aldolase (KDPG-aldolase)]
NG0977     ackA    acetate kinase
NG1061     gabD    ssdH    succinate semialdehyde dehydrogenase
NG1403     hem1    hemA    glutamyl-tRNA reductase (HemA)
NG1799     dxr    1-deoxy-D-xylulose 5-phosphate reductoisomerase
NG2079     ytiB    carbonic anhydrase
NG2161     possible extragenic suppressor

Central intermediary metabolism: Phosphorus compounds
NG0003     ppk    polyphosphate kinase
NG0223     ppa    inorganic pyrophosphatase
NG1041     ppx    exopolyphosphatase

Central intermediary metabolism: Pyruvate metabolism
NG0036     dxps    dxs    1-deoxyxylulose-5-phosphate synthase (DXP synthase)
NG0200     ppsA    phosphoenolpyruvate synthase (pyruvate, water dikinase) (PEP synthase)
NG0214     pta    phosphate acyltransferase
NG0240     maeA    mdh    malate dehydrogenase/oxidoreductase
NG1187     gloB    hydroxyacylglutathione hydrolase (glyoxylase II) (GloB)
NG1661     gloA    lguL    lactoylglutathione lyase; glyoxylase I

Central intermediary metabolism: Sulfur metabolism
NG0386     metB2    metC    probable cystathionine beta/gamma-lyase (probable cystathionine gamma-synthase)
NG0636     iscS    nifS    cysteine desulferase (aminotranferase NifS) (THII transerpersulfidase)
NG0806     cysN    nodP    probable sulfate adenylate transferase; translation elongation factor
NG0807     cysI    NADPH-sulfite reductase hemoprotein beta component (fragment?)
NG0808     cysI    NADPH-sulfite reductase hemoprotein beta component
NG1381     glr2    grx2    glutaredoxin 2
NG1423     sat    serine-O-acetyltransferase
NG2107     thdF    thiophene and furan oxidation protein

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