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  Gene ID Name(s)` Definition

Cellular processes: Catabolite repression
NG1579     transcriptional regulator, Anr/Fnr family

Cellular processes: Cell division
NG0113     cafA    rng    cytoplasmic axial filament protein; RNAse G
NG0382     ftsH    hflB    cell division protein (HflB/FtsH protease) (ATP-dependent zinc metallopeptidase)
NG0383     ftsJ    rrmJ    cell division protein; heat shock protein; rRNA methyltransferase
NG0590     ftsK    spoIIIE    cell division protein FtsK
NG0820     mesJ    cell cycle protein
NG0851     ftsK    cell-division protein FtsK
NG1443     smc    probable chromosome segregation protein
NG1528     ftsZ    cell division protein (FtsZ)
NG1529     ftsA    cell division protein (FtsA)
NG1530     ftsQ    cell division protein (FtsQ)
NG1534     ftsW    cell division protein (FtsW)
NG1543     ftsL    cell division protein, FtsL-related protein
NG1659     ispA    intracellular septation protein A
NG1788     gidA    glucose inhibited division protein A
NG1790     parA    sopA    parA family protein; chromosome partitioning protein Soj
NG1791     gidB    glucose inhibited division protein B
NG1814     minE    cell division topological specificity factor (MinE)
NG1815     minD    septum site-determining protein
NG1816     minC    cell division inhibitor
NG1921     ftsX    filamentation temperature sensitive cell division
NG1922     ftsE    filamentation temperature sensitive cell division
NG1973     pyrH    smbA    uridylate kinase (PyrH)
NG2141     parB    spooJ    chromosome segregation protein SpoOJ

Cellular processes: Cell killing
NG0887     mip    macrophage infectivity potentiator-related protein
NG1689     vapA    virulence-associated protein VapA
NG1718     mviN    virulence factor protein (MviN)
NG1986     gmhA    isn    lpcA    phosphoheptose isomerase (LpcA)
NG2135     ltgA    mltA    slt    lytic murein transglycosylase

Cellular processes: Chaperones
NG0154     msbB    lipid A biosynthesis (kdo)2-(lauroyl)-lipid IVA acyltransferase (msbB)
NG0205     lolA    outer membrane lipoprotein carrier protein (putative periplasmic carrier protein)
NG0551     dnaJ    dnaJ-family protein
NG0592     tig    trigger factor
NG0630     hscB    chaperone protein HscB
NG0822     hslR    heat shock protein (Hsp15)
NG0829     hscA    chaperone protein HscA
NG1174     heat shock protein, Hsp90 family
NG1189     hsp33    heat shock protein Hsp33 chaperonin
NG1225     fklB    mip    peptidyl-prolylisomerase; macrophage infectivity potentiator
NG1422     grpE    heat shock protein (HSP-70 cofactor; nucleotide exchange factor)
NG1429     dnaK    heat shock protein (HSP-70 chaperone)
NG1714     surA    peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase / SurA
NG1901     dnaJ    heat shock protein HSP-40/chaperone DnaJ
NG2094     groES    GroES 10 kDa subunit, heat shock protein
NG2095     groEL    heat shock protein , 60 Kd subunit (GroEL)

Cellular processes: Detoxification
NG0129     ybaX    possible aluminum resistance protein (YbaX)
NG0328     bcp    bacterioferritin comigratory protein
NG0450     sod    superoxide dismutase
NG0652     trx1    thioredoxin I
NG0926     prxII    peroxiredoxin 2 family protein/glutaredoxin
NG1187     gloB    hydroxyacylglutathione hydrolase (glyoxylase II) (GloB)
NG1355.1     nosX    nitrous oxide reduction protein
NG1356     nosX    nitrous oxide reduction protein, NosX protein
NG1435     cadD    cadmium resistance protein
NG1522     acnA    aconitate hydratase (possible isopropylmalate dehydratase)
NG1523     acnA    aconitase
NG1661     gloA    lguL    lactoylglutathione lyase; glyoxylase I
NG1767     kat    katA    catalase
NG1923     tlpA    thioredoxin
NG1924     arsC    arsenate reductase (ArsC)
NG2127     cadD    cadmium resistance protein

Cellular processes: Other
NG0405     dinD    DNA damage inducible protein

Cellular processes: Protein and peptide secretion
NG0016     secG    probable protein export protein (SecG)
NG0071     lspA    lipoprotein signal peptidase
NG0094     omc    pilQ    pilus secretion protein; outer membrane protein-molecular complex, type II secretion pathway D protein
NG0116     secB    protein-export protein subunit SecB
NG0181     tatC    sec-independent protein translocase component TatC
NG0182     tatB    sec-independent protein translocase component TatB
NG0183     tatA    sec-independent protein translocase component tatA
NG0189     secD    protein-export membrane protein SecD
NG0190     secF    protein-export membrane protein SecF
NG0275     iga    IgA protease precursor (IgA-specific metalloendopeptidase precursor) (IgA-specific serine endopeptidase precursor)
NG0359     gly1    hemD    gly1 (orf2) protein; uroporphyrinogen-III synthase
NG0411     pmbA    tldE    antibiotic maturation protein
NG0706     hecA    filamentous hemagglutinin
NG0706.1     hemagglutinin/hemolysin-related protein
NG0706.2     hemagglutinin/hemolysin-related protein
NG0707     hecB    hemolysin activation protein HecB
NG0996     preprotein translocase SecA
NG0997     secA    preprotein translocase SecA subunit
NG1289     hemolysin III homolog
NG1486     speB    agmatine ureohydrolase; secreted cysteine protease
NG1822     secY    preprotein translocase SecY subunit
NG1857     secE    probable preprotein translocase SecE chain
NG2060     ftsY    pilA    pilin; signal recognition particle protein
NG2105     app    Cell envelope; Surface polysaccharides, lipopolysaccharides and antigensadhesin penetration protein; IgA-specific serine endopeptidase
NG2135     ltgA    mltA    slt    lytic murein transglycosylase

Cellular processes: Transformation
NG0265     tpc    tetrapac protein
NG0276     comA    competence protein (ComA)
NG0277     comL    competence lipoprotein (peptidoglycan-linked lipoprotein precursor)
NG0346     pilT    pilus retraction protein (twitching motility protein) (putative secretion protein)
NG1178     comE    competence protein, DNA-binding
NG1305     comE    competence protein, DNA-binding
NG1540     dca    phase variable gene (Dca)
NG1550     comM    competence protein ComM
NG1698     comE    competence protein, DNA-binding
NG1726     comF    competence protein ComF
NG1865     dprA    smf    DNA processing chain A; smf protein
NG1903     comE    competence protein, DNA-binding

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