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Mycoplasma genitalium Search Results

  Gene ID Name(s)` Definition

Transport and binding: Amino acids, peptides and amines
MG042     potA    spermidine/putrescine transport ATP-binding protein of ABC system
MG043     potB    spermidine/putrescine transport system permease of ABC system
MG044     potC    spermidine/putrescine transport system permease of the ABC transport system
MG077     oppB    oligopeptide transport system permease of the ABC system
MG078     oppC    oligopeptide transport system permease of the ABC system
MG079     oppD    oligopeptide ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein
MG080     oppF    oligopeptide ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein
MG225     amino acid permease (predicted)
MG226     aroP?    amino acid permease of the ABC transport system

Transport and binding: Anions
MG410     pstB    phosphate ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein
MG411     pstA    phosphate ABC transporter, permease protein

Transport and binding: Carbohydrates, organic alcohols, and acids
MG033     glpF    glycerol uptake facilitator protein
MG041     ptsH    phosphocarrier protein HPr
MG061     uhpT    hexosephosphate transport protein
MG062     fruA    fructose-permease II ABC component
MG069     ptsG    PTS system, glucose-specific II ABC protein
MG119     mglA    sugar ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein
MG120     rbsC-1    possible ribose/galactose transport system permease protein
MG121     rbsC-2    ribose/galactose ABC transporter, permease
MG129     ptsG    probable PTS glucose-specific permease
MG185     Mycoplasma-specific protein; possible ABC solute binding protein, putative lipoprotein
MG429     ptsI    PEP protein phosphoryltransferase (PTS enzyme I)

Transport and binding: Cations
MG071     pacL    cation-transporting P-ATPase
MG322     KtrB    K+ and Na+ transport (uptake) protein; possible MSD element of ABC transport system
MG323     KtrA    K+ or Na+ transport (uptake) protein

Transport and binding: General
MG014     msbA    ABC transporter; MSD-NBD fusion protein
MG015     ABC transporter protein; possible MSD-NBD fusion protein
MG040     membrane lipoprotein; possible ABC solute binding protein
MG045     conserved hypothetical protein; possible ABC transporter solute binding protein
MG065     ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein
MG140     ATP-binding protein (possible DNA helicase related protein)
MG149     Mycoplasma-specific protein; possible ABC solute binding protein, putative lipoprotein
MG179     ABC transporter ATP-binding protein; possible cobalt transport ATP-binding protein O homolog
MG180     ABC transporter ATP-binding protein
MG187     msmK    ABC transporter ATP-binding protein
MG188     ABC transporter permase protein/ probable sn-Glycerol-3-phosphate transport system permease
MG189     msmG    possible ABC transporter permease
MG289     high affinity transport system protein P37
MG290     ATP-binding transport protein (P29), ATP-binding protein
MG291     P69_1    P69 transport permease protein
MG303     glnQ_2    ABC transporter; predicted NBD protein
MG304     cbiO    ABC transporter; possible NBD protein
MG390     probable ABC transport protein; MSD-NBD fusion protein
MG467     devA_2    ATP-binding protein, probable ABC transporter, probable maturation protein
MG468.1     ABC transporter, ATP binding protein

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