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Mycoplasma genitalium Search Results

  Gene ID Name(s)` Definition

Replication: Degradation of DNA
MG235     nfo    endonuclease IV

Replication: DNA replication, restriction, modification, recombination, and repair
MG001     dnaN    DNA polymerase III beta subunit
MG003     gyrB    DNA gyrase subunit B (DNA topoisomerase IV subunit B)
MG004     gyrA    DNA gyrase subunit A (topoisomerase IV subunit A)
MG007     dnaH_1    holB    possible DNA polymerase III subunit delta'
MG010     dnaE_1    DNA primase
MG031     polC    polC-1    DNA polymerase III alpha subunit (polC1)
MG073     uvrB    excinuclease ABC subunit B
MG091     ssb    single-stranded DNA-binding protein
MG094     dnaB    DNA helicase (dnaB)
MG097     ung    uracil DNA glycosylase
MG122     topA    DNA topoisomerase I
MG184     mte1    adenine-specific DNA modification methylase
MG203     parE    DNA topoisomerase IV subunit B (gyrase B)
MG204     parC    DNA topoisomerase IV subunit A
MG206     uvrC    ABC excinuclease subunit C
MG244     mutB1    pcrA    uvrD    DNA helicase II
MG250     dnaE_2    DNA primase
MG254     lig    NAD-dependent DNA ligase
MG261     dnaE_3    polC-2    DNA polymerase III alpha subunit (polC2)
MG262     5'-3' exonuclease (including N-terminal domain of PolI)
MG339     recA    RecA protein
MG358     ruvA    Holliday junction DNA helicase subunit A
MG359     ruvB    Holliday junction DNA helicase subunit B
MG379     gidA    glucose inhibited division protein A
MG380     gidB    glucose inhibited division protein B
MG420     dnaX    DNA polymerase III gamma and tau subunits
MG421     uvrA    excinuclease ABC subunit A
MG425     deaD_2    probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase
MG469     dnaA    chromosome replication initiator protein

Replication: DNA replication, restriction, modification, recombination, andrepair
MG262.1     fpg    formamidoprymidine-DNA glycosylase

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