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Mycoplasma genitalium Search Results

  Gene ID Name(s)` Definition

Cellular processes: Cell division
MG224     ftsZ    FtsZ-related cell division protein
MG297     ftsY    cell division protein FtsY homolog
MG457     ftsH    FTSH cell division protein

Cellular processes: Cell killing
MG146     tlyC    hemolysin-like protein (CBS domain protein)

Cellular processes: Chaperones
MG002     dnaJ_1    DnaJ-related heat shock protein
MG019     dnaJ_2    heat shock protein
MG200     dnaJ_3    DnaJ-related heat shock protein
MG201     grpE    grpE-related heat shock protein
MG305     dnaK    hsp70    DnaK protein (heat shock 70kD protein)
MG392     groEL    60 kD chaperonin protein (heat shock protein)
MG393     groES    10 kD chaperonin protein (heat shock protein)

Cellular processes: Detoxification
MG008     tdhF    thiophene and furan oxidation proteins

Cellular processes: Protein and peptide secretion
MG048     ffh    signal recognition particle protein
MG072     secA    preprotein translocase subunit (secA)
MG170     secY    preprotein translocase secY subunit
MG210     lsp    prolipoprotein signal peptidase
MG238     tig    FKBP-type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase (trigger factor)

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