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Haemophilus ducreyi Search Results

  Gene ID Name(s)` Definition

Unassigned: No subcategory
HD0023     permease
HD0040     yidC    inner membrane protein, 60 kDa (yidC)
HD0053     possible beta-galactoside
HD0069     possible integral membrane protein
HD0089     transcriptional regulatory protein
HD0090     nlp    DNA-binding protein (ner)
HD0112     N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase-like protein
HD0140     tail length tape measure protein
HD0163     tfpB    tfpB protein homolog
HD0261     yfcH    sugar nucleotide epimerase
HD0277     probable phosphoesterase
HD0282     papA    possible fimbrial structural subunit papA
HD0299     bipA    typA    GTP-binding protein, elongation factor typA/bipA
HD0307     ycbY    possible oxidoreductase
HD0342     engB    GTP-binding protein
HD0356     yjjV    possible deoxyribonuclease
HD0364     ybaK    possible transcription regulator
HD0369     pqiB    paraquat-inducible protein pqiB homolog
HD0378     orfG    transformation locus protein orfG homolog
HD0473     cyaY    cyaY protein
HD0501     N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase-like protein
HD0527     tail length tape measure protein
HD0582     visC    probable monoxygenase, visC homolog
HD0591     lemA    P70 protein (possible lemA protein homolog)
HD0629     pqiA    paraquat-inducible protein PqiA homolog
HD0697     thioredoxin
HD0740     hflX    GTP-binding protein, hflX
HD0796     ordL    oxidoreductase
HD0797     ordL    probable oxidoreductase
HD0880     possible dehydrogenase
HD0897     integrase / recombinase
HD0905     istB    IstB C-terminal homolog
HD0995     GTP-binding protein
HD1009     possible prop effector homolog
HD1020     glyoxalase II family protein
HD1023     histidine triad protein homolog
HD1064     pfl    yfiD    probable glycyl radical protein/pyruvate-formate lyase
HD1117     possible transmembrane protein
HD1141     possible peptidase or methyltransferase
HD1183     GTP-binding protein
HD1192     ecfE    yaeL    transmembrane protein
HD1197     gloB    hydroxyacylglutathione hydrolase (glyoxylase II) (GloB)
HD1202     waaQ    heptosyltransferase III
HD1212     smpA    small protein A SmpA homolog
HD1221     ykgE    glycolate oxidase ykgE homolog
HD1254     symport protein
HD1258     perM    permease perM
HD1268     ybfF    esterase/lipase
HD1272     aefA    kefA    transmembrane protein (N-terminal region)
HD1273     aefA    kefA    transmembrane protein (C-terminal region)
HD1289     yohK    membrane protein
HD1305     tadZ    TadZ
HD1319     possible integral membrane protein
HD1320     possible integral membrane protein
HD1321     probable integral membrane protein
HD1414     trpH    trpH protein
HD1595     transcription regulator, GntR family homolog
HD1642     integral membrane protein of DedA family
HD1666     probable phosphatase
HD1678     possible integral membrane protein
HD1711     coA    yciA    acyl CoA thioester hydrolase
HD1792     possible lipoprotein
HD1805     MAF-like protein
HD1887     possible integral membrane protein
HD1893     possible cytoplasmic membrane protein
HD1899     slyX    possible SlyX protein
HD1992     sun    SUN protein (FMU protein)

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