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Haemophilus ducreyi Search Results

  Gene ID Name(s)` Definition

Transcription: Degradation of RNA
HD0194     rne    ribonuclease E (rne)
HD0301     rph    ribonuclease PH (RNase PH)
HD0452     orn    oligoribonuclease
HD0477     eno    enolase/ 2-phosphoglycerate dehydratase
HD0611     rnt    ribonuclease T (Exoribonuclease T) (RNase T)
HD0695     rnr    vacB    ribonuclease r, virulence associated protein
HD0752     rnpA    ribonuclease P protein component, rnpA
HD1026     rnhB    ribonuclease HII (RNase HII)
HD1206     rnh    rnhA    ribonuclease H
HD1264     rnb    exoribonuclease II (ribonuclease II)
HD1478     rnd    ribonuclease D (rnd)
HD1606     rnc    ribonuclease III (rnc)

Transcription: Other
HD0317     tex    transcription accessory protein tex homolog

Transcription: RNA synthesis, modification, and DNA transcription
HD0213     srmB    ATP-dependent RNA helicase protein, srmB
HD0435     nusB    N utilization substance protein B (NusB protein)
HD0604     pcnB    poly(A) polymerase (pcnB)
HD0895     rho    transcription termination factor (rho)
HD1167     greB    transcription elongation factor greB
HD1462     nusA    N utilization substance protein A (nus A)
HD1501     ftsJ    rrmJ    cell division protein J/heat shock protein, methyltransferase
HD1588     pnp    polynucleotide phosphorylase (pnp)
HD1590     deaD    ATP-dependent RNA helicase (deaD)
HD1602     rhlB    ATP-dependent RNA helicase (rhlB)
HD1603     deaD    ATP-dependent RNA helicase
HD1699     greA    transcription elongation factor protein greA
HD1764     hepA    ATP-dependent helicase (hepA)
HD1876     rpoC    DNA-directed RNA polymerase, beta' chain (rpoC)
HD1877     rpoB    DNA-directed RNA polymerase beta chain (transcriptase beta chain)
HD1885     nusG    transcription antitermination protein nusG
HD1923     rpoZ    DNA-directed RNA polymerase, omega chain
HD1951     rpoA    DNA-directed RNA polymerase alpha subunit

Transcription: Transcription factors
HD1105     yfiA    possible sigma 54 modulation protein
HD1727     fadR    fatty acid metabolism regulator protein
HD1917     yhdM    probable ECF-family RNA polymerase sigma factor

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