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Haemophilus ducreyi Search Results

  Gene ID Name(s)` Definition

Regulatory functions: No subcategory
HD0017     yfeU    possible glucokinase regulatory protein
HD0018     possible glucokinase regulatory protein (fragment?)
HD0062     glnB    nitrogen regulatory protein p-II
HD0082     birA    biotin operon repressor / biotin acetyl coenzyme A carboxylase synthetase (birA)
HD0086     rpoH    RNA polymerase sigma-32 factor
HD0262     argR    arginine repressor
HD0269     obg    OBG-related GTP-binding protein
HD0274     nadR    nadAB transcriptional regulator
HD0275     nadR    nadAB transcriptional regulator (fragment?)
HD0278     arcA    aerobic respiration control protein
HD0305     narP    nitrate/nitrite response regulator
HD0357     cstA    probable carbon starvation protein
HD0367     fur    ferric uptake regulation protein
HD0404     htrB    msbB    waaN    lipid A acyltransferase
HD0545     lexA    probable LexA repressor
HD0585     ptsN    nitrogen regulatory IIA homolog, ptsN
HD0613     cyaA    adenylate cyclase
HD0631     arsC    probable arsenate reductase
HD0675     metJ    met repressor
HD0691     rpoD    RNA polymerase sigma factor sigma-70
HD0738     crp    cyclic AMP receptor protein
HD0749     icc    lacZ expression regulator
HD1028     gcvA    glycine cleavage system transcriptional activator
HD1030     cysB    cys regulon transcriptional activator
HD1124     hofB    pilB    pilin B biogenesis protein/fimbrial transcription regulation
HD1149     lon    ATP-dependent proteinase
HD1172     rpoE    RNA polymerase sigma-E factor sigma-24
HD1173     mclA    rseA    possible sigma-E factor negative regulatory factor
HD1185     ppG    relA    GTP pyrophosphokinase (ppGpp synthetase I)/ATP:GTP 3'-pyrophosphotransferase
HD1229     tyrR    transcriptional regulatory protein
HD1345     narQ    nitrate/nitrite sensor protein
HD1425     sspA    stringent starvation protein A
HD1426     sspB    stringent starvation protein B
HD1427     fnr    hlyX    transcriptional regulator protein/anaerobic regulatory protein Fnr/fumarate-nitrate reduction protein
HD1430     csrA    carbon storage regulator
HD1465     accD    folC    folylpolyglutamate synthase/dihydrofolate synthase
HD1477     lrp    leucine-responsive regulatory protein.
HD1605     era    GTP-binding protein era homolog (GTPase)
HD1641     purR    rbsR    purine nucleotide synthesis repressor protein/rbsR repressor
HD1648     glpR    glycerol-3-phosphate regulon repressor
HD1677     arcB    aerobic respiration sensor-response protein
HD1791     bolA    transcriptional regulator (possible murein gene regulator)

Regulatory functions: General regulatory
HD1174     rseC    possible sigma-E factor regulatory protein
HD1181     pyrR    pyrimidine operon regulatory protein
HD1911     asnC    transcription regulatory protein

Regulatory functions: Other
HD0015     tldD    tldD protein
HD0699     oxyR    hydrogen peroxide-inducible genes activator
HD0735     ttk    Ttk protein
HD0875     sprT    protein sprT
HD1346     narQ    nitrate/nitrite sensor protein NarQ
HD1674     arcB    aerobic respiration control sensor protein
HD1863     deoR    glpR    transcription regulator, DeoR family
HD1924     spoT    guanosine-3',5'-bis(diphosphate)3'- pyrophosphohydrolase

Regulatory functions: Protein interactions
HD0447     sixA    phosphohistidine phosphatase sixA

Regulatory functions: Two component system
HD1469     basR    cpxR    transcriptional regulatory protein
HD1470     basS    cpxA    sensor protein for cpxR/basR

Regulatory functions: Unassigned
HD0698     transcriptional regulator (possible Bm3R1-related protein)

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