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Haemophilus ducreyi Search Results

  Gene ID Name(s)` Definition

Other categories: Adaptations and atypical conditions
HD0172     invA    nudH    ygdP    (di)nucleoside polyphosphate hydrolase; possible invasion protein
HD0353     htpX    heat shock protein htpX/possible protease
HD0758     surE    stationary-phase survival protein, surE
HD1008     cspC    cold shock-like protein cspC
HD1073     grpE    heat shock protein B25.3 grpE homolog (HSP-70
HD1180     surA    stationary phase survival protein SurA
HD1366     cspD    cold-shock-like protein
HD1425     sspA    stringent starvation protein A
HD1428     uspA    universal stress protein A uspA
HD1720     lbgB    losB    LOS biosynthesis enzyme( D-glycero-D-manno-heptosyl transferase)
HD1721     lbgA    losA    LOS biosynthesis enzyme (beta-1,4-galactosyltransferase)

Other categories: Colicin-related functions
HD1208     cvpA    dedE    colicin V production protein (cvpA)
HD1773     tolB    colicin tolerance protein (tolB)
HD1774     tolA    outer membrane integrity protein (C-terminal region)
HD1775     tolA    outer membrane integrity protein (N-terminal region)
HD1776     tolR    colicin transport protein (tolR)
HD1777     tolQ    colicin transport protein (tolQ)

Other categories: Drug and analog sensitivity
HD1179     ksgA    dimethyladenosine transferase
HD1363     pmbA    antibiotic maturation factor PmbA
HD1512     acrB    acriflavine resistance protein (acrB)
HD1761     ampD    ampD signalling protein
HD1891     qacE    drug resistance protein QACE

Other categories: Other
HD0064     lytB    penicillin tolerance protein/isoprenoid biosynthesis
HD0403     rnfE    electron transport complex protein rnfE
HD0440     suhB    extragenic suppressor protein SuhB
HD0464     nifS    aminotransferase nifS protein
HD0726     ddc    L-2,4-diaminobutyrate decarboxylase
HD0836     devB    pgl    6-phosphogluconolactonase
HD0860     devA    lolD    ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein (lipoprotein releasing system ATP-binding protein lolD) ; possible heterocyst maturation protein (devA)
HD1037     gcpE    1-hydroxy-2-methyl-2-(E)-butenyl 4-diphosphate synthase
HD1082     iscS    nifS    cysteine desulfurase
HD1083     nifU    nifU protein homolog; metallocluster assembly
HD1190     omp26    skp    outer membrane protein, OMP26 homolog
HD1205     lapB    conserved hypothetical protein; possible membrane protein lapB
HD1328     ispF    2C-methyl-D-erythritol 2,4-cyclodiphosphate
HD1332     lapB    membrane protein (lapB)
HD1360     pad    phenylacrylic acid/phenolic acid decarboxylase
HD1445     nadV    nicotinamide phosphoribosyl transferase (plasmid encoded)
HD1447     nadV    nicotinamide phosphoribosyl transferase (plasmid encoded)
HD1455     nadV    nicotinamide phosphoribosyl transferase
HD1468     mazG    mazG beta-lactamase regulatory protein homolog
HD1476     ftsK    cell division protein K; sporulation protein spoIIIE
HD1479     possible Mlc (making large colonies) protein
HD1584     kicA    mukE    killing protein suppressor, mukE chromosome partitioning protein homolog
HD1585     kicB    mukF    killing protein kicB, mukF chromosome partitioning protein homolog

Other categories: Phage-related functions and prophages
HD0093     muA    tpn    Mu-phage transposase A
HD0095     muB    Mu phage DNA transposition protein B
HD0110     Mu-like prophage FluMu protein gp16
HD0111     mor    gene C protein - phage Mu
HD0121     Mu-like prophage FluMu protein gp27
HD0123     Mu-like prophage FluMu protein gp28
HD0124     Mu-like prophage FluMu protein gp29
HD0125     Mu phage gp30
HD0126     Mu-like prophage FluMu F protein
HD0127     muG    Mu-like prophage FluMu G protein 1
HD0129     muI    Mu phage I protein
HD0130     muI    Mu phage I protein
HD0134     Mu-like prophage FluMu protein GP36
HD0143     bacteriophage TM4 gp14 protein homolog
HD0498     phage anti-repressor protein
HD0517     G protein (muG-2)
HD0518     bacteriophage Mu protein GP32
HD0519     bacteriophage mu T protein homolog
HD0741     hfq    host factor-I protein
HD1518     bacteriophage Mu E16 protein
HD1525     possible mu-phage host-nuclease inhibitor
HD1554     possible bacteriophage Mu GP27
HD1555     bacteriophage Mu GP28
HD1557     bacteriophage Mu GP30 protein
HD1558     possible bacteriophage Mu G protein
HD1569     possible tail length tape measure protein
HD1614     possible prophage ps3 protein 01

Other categories: Radiation sensitivity
HD0732     radC    DNA repair protein, radC
HD0945     radC    DNA repair protein (radC)
HD1718     xthA    exonuclease III

Other categories: Transposase
HD0094     tpn    Mu-phage transposase A
HD0290     tpn    transposase (transposase fragment)
HD0291     tpn    transposase
HD0295     tpn    transposase
HD0481     tpn    phage transposase
HD0482     tpn    phage transposase
HD0484     tpn    possible phage transposase
HD0485     tpn    phage transposase
HD0908     transposon gamma-delta resolvase (Tn 1000 resolvase)
HD1612     tpn    transposase
HD1616     tpn    transposase
HD1689     tpn    transposase
HD1695     tpn    transposase
HD1696     tpn    transposase fragment
HD1970     insB    insertion element IS1/IS150 protein
HD1971     insA    insertion element IS1/IS150 protein

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