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Haemophilus ducreyi Search Results

  Gene ID Name(s)` Definition

Cellular processes: Catabolite repression
HD0738     crp    cyclic AMP receptor protein
HD1427     fnr    hlyX    transcriptional regulator protein/anaerobic regulatory protein Fnr/fumarate-nitrate reduction protein

Cellular processes: Cell division
HD0014     mesJ    cell-cycle protein, mesJ
HD0024     crcB    crcB protein (chromosome folding)
HD0050     sufI    sufI protein precursor homolog
HD0240     ftsL    cell division protein L
HD0241     ftsI    pbp3    prc    penicillin-binding protein 3/cell division protein I
HD0246     ftsW    cell division protein W
HD0639     ftsN    possible cell division protein N
HD0817     ftsZ    cell division tubulin-like protein Z
HD0818     ftsA    cell division protein A
HD0820     ftsQ    cell division protein Q
HD0831     zipA    cell division protein
HD0974     possible chromosome partitioning protein
HD0981     fstX    cell division protein X / probable ABC system permease
HD0982     fstE    cell division protein E, ABC system ATP-binding protein
HD0984     ftsY    cell division protein Y (GTP-binding signal recognition particle)
HD1476     ftsK    cell division protein K; sporulation protein spoIIIE
HD1500     ftsH    cell division protein H, a metalloprotease
HD1501     ftsJ    rrmJ    cell division protein J/heat shock protein, methyltransferase
HD1582     mukB    cell division protein MukB
HD1597     smbA    uridylate kinase
HD1631     cafA    probable cytoplasmic axial filament
HD1712     ispA    intracellular septation protein

Cellular processes: Cell killing
HD0327     tonB    energy transducer protein
HD0800     yraP    probable hemolysin , Hly-like
HD0902     cdtA    cytolethal distending toxin protein A
HD0903     cdtB    cytolethal distending toxin protein B
HD0904     cdtC    cytolethal distending toxin protein C
HD1145     tlyC    probable hemolysin, TlyC-like
HD1155     lspB    hemolysin accessory protein (fragment)
HD1156     lspA2    filamentous hemagglutinin 1
HD1326     hhdB    hemolytic protein
HD1327     hhdA    hemolytic protein
HD1505     filamentous hemagglutinin 1
HD1584     kicA    mukE    killing protein suppressor, mukE chromosome partitioning protein homolog
HD1585     kicB    mukF    killing protein kicB, mukF chromosome partitioning protein homolog
HD1630     cvaB    lktB    msbA    ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein (msbA)
HD1987     mviN    virulence factor protein (MviN)

Cellular processes: Chaperones
HD0073     napD    napD protein homolog
HD0188     dnaJ    heat shock protein, dnaJ
HD0189     dnaK    heat shock protein 70, dnaK
HD0284     stfD    probable periplasmic fimbrial chaperone stfD
HD0353     htpX    heat shock protein htpX/possible protease
HD0404     htrB    msbB    waaN    lipid A acyltransferase
HD0661     secB    protein-export protein
HD0663     tig    trigger factor
HD0842     hslR    ribosome associated heat shock protein 15 homolog
HD0843     hslO    hsp33    chaperonin heat shock protein 33 homolog
HD1073     grpE    heat shock protein B25.3 grpE homolog (HSP-70
HD1085     hsc20    hscB    chaperone protein hscB, heat shock cognate
HD1087     hsc66    hscA    chaperone protein hscA, heat shock cognate 66
HD1771     dnaJ    heat shock protein dnaJ-related
HD1784     groEL    heat shock protein groEL
HD1785     groES    groES chaperonin
HD1867     fklB    peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase fragment
HD1868     ppiD    peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase
HD1900     fklB    peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase
HD2006     clpQ    hslV    heat shock protein HslV (ClpQ); protease
HD2007     clpY    hslU    ATP-dependent ClpY-related protease; heat shock protein

Cellular processes: Chemotaxis and motility
HD0318     fimbrial biogenesis and twitching motility protein

Cellular processes: Detoxification
HD0039     thdF    thiophene and furan oxidation protein
HD0300     grx    glutaredoxin
HD0321     sodA    manganese superoxide dismutase
HD0610     gloA    lactoylglutathione lyase
HD0631     arsC    probable arsenate reductase
HD0700     grx    peroxiredoxin 2 family protein/glutaredoxin
HD0848     sodC    superoxide dismutase [Cu-Zn] precursor
HD1704     imp    organic solvent tolerance protein

Cellular processes: Other
HD0370     luxS    autoinducer-2 production protein luxS
HD0841     nudE    ADP compounds hydrolase nudE

Cellular processes: Protein and peptide secretion
HD0063     lspA    lipoprotein signal peptidase
HD0661     secB    protein-export protein
HD0663     tig    trigger factor
HD0863     sapF    peptide transport system ATP-binding protein
HD1230     sapA    peptide transport periplasmic protein
HD1231     sapB    peptide transport system permease protein
HD1232     sapC    peptide transport system permease protein
HD1235     sapD    peptide transport system ATP binding protein
HD1277     secG    possible protein-export membrane protein secG
HD1436     gspD    type II secretion pathway protein (protein D)
HD1607     lepB    signal peptidase I (SPase I)
HD1608     lepA    GTP-binding membrane protein
HD1630     cvaB    lktB    msbA    ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein (msbA)
HD1752     secD    protein-export membrane protein secD
HD1753     secF    protein-export membrane protein
HD1788     secA    preprotein translocase SecA subunit
HD1886     secE    preprotein translocase secE subunit
HD1957     secY    preprotein translocase secY
HD1999     ffh    signal recognition particle protein 54

Cellular processes: Transformation
HD0209     comF    probable competence protein F
HD0427     comA    possible competence protein A homolog
HD0434     comE    competence protein E precursor
HD0470     lipooligosaccharide galactosyltransferase II (comL related)
HD1870     comM    C-terminal region of competence protein M
HD1872     comM    N-terminal region of competence protein M
HD1985     sxy    tfoX    possible DNA transformation protein

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