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  Gene ID Name(s)` Definition

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CT015     phoH    probable PhoH-like protein (ATPase)
CT064     lepA    GTP-binding protein (possible membrane protein)
CT072     metalloprotease
CT076     smpB    small protein B (SMPB)
CT127     ydhO    P60-related protein
CT148     mhpA    monooxygenase
CT166     toxin B-related protein
CT258     nifS    yfhO    NIFS-like aminotransferase
CT331     dxs    tkt    transketolase B or a DXP synthase
CT349     maf    MAF protein (MAF/YMDE/YCEF related)
CT375     conserved hypothetical; probable D-amino acid dehydrogenase
CT379     hflX    HFLX-related GTP-binding protein
CT380     phnP    probable PhnP-like protein
CT385     hitA    ycfF    protein kinase C inhibitor (HIT family protein)
CT418     yhbZ    GTP-binding protein (OBG related)
CT462     yacM    ygbP    probable sugar phosphorylase (YgbP-like, YacM-like)
CT487     probable YhhF-related methylase
CT535     vldD    yciA    acyl CoA thioester hydrolase
CT555     mot1    SNF2 Helicase
CT595     dipZ    dsbD    probable thiol:disulfide interchange protein, DsbD-related.
CT624     mviN    MviN virulence factor
CT675     karG    arginine kinase
CT683     O-linked GlcNAc transferase
CT687     nifS    yfhO    NifS-related protein (aminotransferase)
CT703     yphC    THDF/YPHC-related GTPase
CT708     mot1    snf    probable helicase
CT720     nifU    conserved hypothetical nifU-like protein (acidic)
CT721     nifS    yfhO    NIFS-related protein (aminotransferase?)
CT740     dmpP    nqr6    Na+-translocating NADH-quinone reductase (possible phenolhydroxylase component)
CT774     3'(2'),5'-bisphosphate nucleotidase
CT780     protein disulfide isomerase
CT806     ptr    Insulinase family/Protease III

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