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Chlamydia trachomatis Search Results

  Gene ID Name(s)` Definition

transport and binding: amino acids, peptides and amines
CT129     glnP    probable amino-acid ABC transporter permease protein
CT130     glnQ    glutamine ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein
CT139     oppA    periplasmic oligopeptide ABC transporter
CT175     oligopeptide binding protein
CT198     oppA    periplasmic oligopeptide-binding protein precursor or ABC-type dipeptide transport protein
CT199     oppB    oligopeptide ABC transporter (permease)
CT200     dppC    oppC    dipeptide ABC transporter
CT201     oppD    oligopeptide ABC transporter
CT202     oppF    oligopeptide ABC transporter protein
CT216     xasA    putative amino acid antiporter protein
CT230     aaaT    glutamate/aspartate transport carrier permease
CT374     arcD    arginine/ornithine antiporter
CT381     artJ    ABC transporter, probable solute binding protein; possible arginine-binding periplasmic protein 2
CT401     gltT    proton/sodium:glutamate symporter protein
CT409     dagA    alanine glycine carrier permease/ sodium-dependent
CT478     oppC    oligopeptide transport system permease
CT479     oppB    oligopeptide transport system permease (dipeptide permease?)
CT480     dppA    ABC transporter solute binding protein; oligopeptide transport system
CT486     fliY    probable periplasmic glutamine transport protein
CT554     braB    brnQ    branched-chain amino acid transport protein
CT685     abcX    ABC transporter ATPAse
CT689     dppF    oligopeptide transport ATP-binding protein
CT690     dppD    dipeptide transport ATP-binding protein
CT735     dagA    D-alanine/glycine permease
CT817     tyrP    tyrosine/tryptophan-specific transport protein
CT818     tyrP    tyrosine/tryptophan specific transport protein

transport and binding: anions
CT692     ygo4    phosphate permease/transporter

transport and binding: ATP/ADP translocation
CT065     adt    npt1    ADP/ATP translocase I (carrier protein I)(NPT1)

transport and binding: carbohydrates
CT336     ptsI    PEP protein phosphotransferase
CT337     ptsH    phosphocarrier protein HPR
CT544     uhpC    hexose phosphate transport system regulatory protein (UHPC-related)

transport and binding: cations
CT194     mgtE    Mg2+ transport protein (CBS Domain)
CT231     sodium-dependent transporter
CT416     ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein (zinc uptake?)
CT727     cadA    zntA    cation-transporting ATPase

transport and binding: cations, carbohydrates
CT204     ybhI    oxoglutarate/malate translocator protein

transport and binding: general
CT067     troA    ytgA    ABC transporter, probable solute binding protein; adhesin
CT068     troB    ytgB    ABC transport system component; ATP-binding protein
CT069     troC/troR    ytgC    ABC transporter membrane protein (MSD)
CT070     troD    ytgD    membrane protein (ABC transport system component?)
CT151     ABC transporter, probable MSD component
CT152     ycfV    ABC transporter ATPase
CT180     nrtC    tauB    ABC transporter (exact function unknown)
CT264     msbA    ABC transporter protein, MSD-NBD fusion protein
CT348     yjjK    ABC transporter protein, NBD-NBD fusion protein
CT415     ABC transporter, probable solute binding protein; adhesin
CT417     ABC transporter, probable MSD element; chelated metal transport system membrane protein
CT653     yhbG    Probable ABC transporter ATP-binding protein (basic)
CT854     ABC transporter permease fused to pyrimidine biosynthesis enzyme

transport and binding: ribonucleoside triphosphate transport
CT495     npt2    ribonucleoside triphosphate translocase (Npt2)

transport and binding: sulfur
CT856     ychM    sulfate transporter

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