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Chlamydia trachomatis Search Results

  Gene ID Name(s)` Definition

regulatory functions: No subcategory
CT169     trpR    Trp operon repressor
CT235     cAMP or cGMP-dependent regulatory subunit type II
CT296     dcrA    divalent cation-dependent regulator A
CT394     hrcA    heat inducible transcription regulator HrcA
CT396     dnaK    DnaK protein (Hsp70)
CT467     atoS    ntrB    pilS    two-component sensor histidine kinase (ATOS-related)
CT544     uhpC    hexose phosphate transport system regulatory protein (UHPC-related)
CT588     rsbU    probable sensory transduction regulatory component
CT630     tctD    DNA-binding response regulator; possible signal transduction regulatory protein
CT743     hctA    Hc1 histone analog
CT754     icc    Icc-related protein

Regulatory functions: Two component system
CT468     atoC    ntrC    pilR    two-component sensor system regulatory subunit (ATOC-like, NTRC-like)

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