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  Gene ID Name(s)` Definition

cellular processes: cell division
CT498     gidA    glucose inhibited division protein A (oxidoreductase)
CT582     minD    SpoOJ regulator (chromosome partitioning ATPase)
CT688     parB    Possible involvement in plasmid partitioning
CT709     mreB    Rod shape determining protein MREB/HSP70 sugar kinase
CT726     rodA    rod-shape determining protein
CT739     ftsK    cell division protein (ATPase)
CT760     ftsW    FTSW family protein (sporulation/cell division)
CT808     cafA    rng    probable cytoplasmic axial filament protein/ribonuclease G
CT841     ftsH    hflB    FtsH-related ATPase protease
pCT05     minD    plasmid virulence factor PGP5-D (SOJ related)

cellular processes: chaperones
CT110     groEL    60 kD chaperonin (protein cpn60) (GroEL protein) (57 KD chlamydial hypersensitivity antigen) (Hsp60)
CT111     groES    10kD chaperonin (protein cpn10)(protein GroES)(11.2 kD stress response protein) (HSP10)
CT113     clpB    ClpB-related ATP-dependent protease
CT286     clpC    CLP protease ATP-binding subunit (CLPA/CLPB/CLPC)
CT341     dnaJ    DnaJ protein
CT395     grpE    GrpE-related chaperonin; HSP-70 cofactor
CT407     dksA    probable DNAK suppressor protein
CT604     groEL    60 kD chaperonin (protein cpn60)(GroEL protein) (Hsp60)
CT755     60 kD chaperonin (GroEL-related) (Hsp60)

cellular processes: chromosome-associated protein
CT046     hctB    histone homolog 2
CT743     hctA    Hc1 histone analog

cellular processes: detoxification
CT294     sodA    sodM    superoxide dismutase precursor
CT603     ahpC    thiol specific antioxidant (tsa) peroxidase
CT698     thdF    thiophene and furan oxidation protein (GTPase)

cellular processes: secretion
CT020     lepB    signal peptidase I
CT025     ffh    signal recognition particle GTPase protein (SRP) (54 kDa)
CT060     flhA    flagellar biosynthesis and secretion protein
CT088     scc1    sycE    probable chaperone for type III pathway
CT089     copN    lcrE    sctW    putative regulatory molecule for type III pathway (low calcium response E)
CT090     lcrD    sctV    cds2 membrane component of type III pathway (low calcium response protein D)
CT091     sctU    yscU    cds1 or FlhB-like flagellar protein
CT408     lspA    prolipoprotein signal peptidase (LSPA-related)
CT448     secD    secF    protein translocation membrane protein SecF
CT510     secY    protein translocase SecY subunit
CT559     sctJ    yscJ    flagellar M-ring protein (YopJ translocation protein)
CT561     sctL    yscL    flagellar assembly protein fliH (YopL translocation protein)
CT562     sctR    yscR    flagellar biosynthetic protein (FliP) (YopR translocation protein)
CT563     fliQ    sctS    yscS    flagellar biosynthesis protein (YopS translocation protein/ FLIQ))
CT564     sctT    yscT    flagellar biosynthesis- YopT translocation protein (FLIR or YSCT-related)
CT570     gspF    type II secretion pathway protein (protein F).
CT571     gspE    general secretion pathway protein type E-related (GSPE)
CT572     gspD    type II secretion pathway protein (protein D)
CT576     lcrH_1    low calcium response locus H protein
CT669     sctN    yscN    flagellar type ATPase (probable beta subunit)
CT674     sctC    yscC    General secretion pathway precursor D protein (YopC translocation protein)
CT701     secA    preprotein translocase subunit A protein
CT707     tig    trigger factor -- peptidyl prolyl cis-trans isomerase
CT717     fliI    probable flagellar-type ATP synthase (beta subunit)
CT719     fliF    probable flagellar M-ring protein

cellular processes: secretion, cell division
CT820     ftsY    signal recognition particle

cellular processes: standard protein secretion
CT141     Chlamydia-specific hypothetical protein (possible secA fragment)

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