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Example 1: Using the leucine zipper pattern as an example, the Prosite pattern L-x(6)-L-x(6)-L-x(6)-L or the Perl regular expression L.{6}L.{6}L.{6}L should be entered into the pattern textbox. Select the appropriate pattern format of Prosite pattern or Perl regular expression. Select the output type, matching domain or whole protein sequence, to view only the domain or the whole protein sequence in Fasta format. Now submit the query.

Example 2: To search for the ATP/GTP-binding site (motif A, P-loop) using the Prosite pattern (see PDOC00017) [AG]-x(4)-G-K-[ST], enter the pattern into the pattern textbox, check the Prosite pattern checkbox, choose an output format then select submit.

Example 3: To search for the same motif of example 2 using a Perl regular expression, enter [AG].{4}GK[ST], check the Perl regular expression checkbox, choose an output format then select submit.

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